Heavenly Mother Mary

Rosary of Mother Mary- Damascene Rose

Heavenly Mother Mary

Oh, Heavenly Mother Mary!
What a dream!
What a Blessing!
The inner ear,
Could only Listen
Rosary of Mother Mary- Damascene Rose
Mother Mary!
She dreamt of you last night.
She was on her way,
Embracing the mission of the soul,
Her higher self,
Destiny’s bell on the shelf
Her heart sang
Your beautiful face she saw,
You’re here with me,
I Know.
She’s been enlightened,
Spirituality delighted!
Communion with nature,
Listening to the keynotes of the wind,
The breeze of sense,
The joie de vivre,
Sunny is the smile,
Beauty of the present now be mine.
She has reached out to the Heavens,
And here came in the response,
In her dream, she saw your Beautiful Face,
She opened her arms to embrace the Heavenly Grace,
Filling her palms with the Light of Space,
Deploy her Home in the Sweet Embrace.
The Law of Vibration
Pure chemistry,
Transcending Universal Mystery,
A Legend turned History
Release the incubating mother,
Connected to the Mother Source,
Embrace the Mother of the Source.
Impossible as it may seem,
The Miracle of You,
Ends all misery.
Mother Mary,
You have sent me Divine Light,
Pouring in Guidance and Remembrance
The Rosary of the Holy Mother,
59 beads of merry,
Alas, Mother,
I am coming Home.
Alas, my heart,
To your Heavenly arms, I come
“Maria, this is thy path,
Follow the Light,
The Light upon Light
Don’t worry,
Not all burdens are yours to carry,
Proceed with your journey”
I had my red cape on,
Head bent I opened my palms,
The rays of Her Divine Might
Shone ON
Beautiful Queen of Heavens,
To the soul,  you have brought Bliss,
A response to the prayer,
Balm to the Heart Layer
Woke up in Faith,
In Confidence,
She steps into the Garden of Roses,
'tis here that she finds,
The Rosary of Mother Mary
Rosary of Mother Mary- Damascene Rose

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