Istanbul… City of Energy, City of Love

I am glad we are back on track, my dear Istanbul!

When the time was right she was to return to embrace the city where she had felt the touch of freedom for the first time in her life. Having a student life, in the girls’ dormitory with her colleagues from the Turkish Department, in this amazing megalopolis was a first and once in a lifetime experience for her. As a Damascene, she had always spent time with her family, a very crowded one in comparison with the Romanian ones and hadn't enjoyed the freedom a European student would. This was her very first time by herself and on her own count ever. She was in the 3rd grade of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures with the University of Bucharest and she was to go on a summer scholarship to Istanbul with two of her colleagues. And this how her self-quest had commenced.


"I have returned to you. I had to come back to you, to the form of you I've loved the most, to the places I stepped upon and danced accompanied by your tumultuous and inspirational Bosphorous. The first time I lay my eyes on you, I knew we would be connected for life. The past 5 years I just couldn't... I had to allow my wounds to heal."

She had made the best choice for a weekend in Istanbul. The hotel was located in Șișhane, very near to The Galata Tower so that she had full access to her watchtower, the Galata Bridge. She walked so happily towards the bridge, descending the narrow alley going down from the Galata Tower which leads straight to it.

"Here You are!"

Three large ships were parked on the shore towards Karaköy. She had just begun feeling the vibe of the City of Energy. She had to come to make sure there were only reminiscences of her beautiful memories.

Istanbul - City of Energy

"I am glad, I have got only Your beauty left of all the memories, especially those from 2003, the unique and first encounter with You, City of Energy."

The sun was rendering its light on every single trace left by the passing ships, the dwellers of the Bosphorus. And the eyes were enchanted by the play of the effervescent waves they left behind. A warm play between the Bosphorus and the hundreds of years of history and love stories captured within a glimpse of the eye, touching every single vibe of my soul.

She has connected to your vibe and her laughter is in place. She leaned on your bridge and got in line with the fishermen on it. She smiled widely as she was happy. Two small ships passed below on the Bosphorus steadily. Not fast, nor slowly. Their pace was that of a perfect match seeing to their way in the heat of the sun. The breeze of the Bosphorus ravished her hair as she immortalized these happy moments in a selfie. Its energy invading her veins, she had the 360 degrees perspective of the surroundings and walked her way towards Gülhane Park, where she halted to admire the two fountains, listen to its resonating waterfalls - sooo Damascene like, and just be.

She turned left and walked towards the garden of Topkapı Palace under the vault of the sunny vibrant trees, the sun gently caressing her hair. With every step, she felt home. For that Syrian friend of hers living in Istanbul had told her that the sun of Istanbul resembled the one in Damascus.

"Hmzz. This explains a lot. And yet, I have never thought of it before", she thought to herself.

Istanbul - City of Love

She sat in the café looking towards Aya Sofya and the Sublime Porte to have a Turkish coffee and felt a peace of mind she hadn't felt in a while. A delightful view, cornered by a few red roses - the perfect mise-en-scène. With the first sip, all the memories were back, one by one.

"I guess love is on its way. It's here, already. It has always been here. I just had to discover it within myself, City of Love."

Rosary Rose,

Deploy her in the very place where it all began ...

To the City of Energy, the City of Love.

Photo Credit: Damascene Rose

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