He Met The Love of His Life, Here

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Rosary Rose,

Sprinkle some of your petals,

Have me see how they had met:


It was an acceptable cold winter. The first snow of the year hadn’t fallen yet. The whole gang went to Michele’s concert at Sala Palatului. After the concert, they decided to have a drink at the bistro next to the Romanian Atheneum.

Letiția went home first. It was on their way to the Bistro. She felt the need of some refreshment - a touch of  Le Parfum. Also, her father had returned to Bucharest and she was eager to bid him welcome and hug him, before going on with the night out with her friends.

                          Maybe she felt it in her gut...

"Here you are! Bună seara[1]!, again!", she said and made her way towards their table. All her friends were awaiting her: Magduse, Mihai, Andrei, Gelu, Maria and Alexandra. Everybody in the bistro watched her, closely. A blue-eyed refined lady resembling the Hollywood stars. Feminity at its best! The apple of her father’s eye and the power woman to become - Letiția.

She was wearing a light silk dress of the color of the Caron powder. Her waist embraced in a bois de rose leather belt, pointed out her feminine and perfect curves. The rugby team of the faculty was seated at the table next to theirs. The guys were all eyes on her. After all, she was the salt and pepper of every party. Curly hair in the air, she walked merrily towards them.

“Hi! You are finally here," Mihai the funniest of the group said while turning towards her.

“Celebratiooon! Let’s toast: Hai noroc[2]! Now that the exam session is over, it’s party time”, she burst and her delightful rich curls cheerfully unfolded on her shoulders.

"You've arrived on time. We were discussing our trip to Bușteni. It's gonna be a smash."

"Let's try a different location this time," Mihai suggested.

"Letiția shall I come with you? Where are you heading to?”, Magduse asked her best friend. Magduse and Letiția have always been like sisters.

“Do you see that guy over there? It seems the waitress is not getting along with him.”

“Oh my! He is so fine looking alright. You might be right. I think the waitress doesn’t understand English," Magduse added.

“I am going to see if he needs any help”, Letiția said and gone was she.

“Good evening,” she said in an English having a touch of French.

“Pleasant evening, madame,” he replied her and stood up at the very same time.

“It seemed to me the waitress wasn’t getting your messages across. Can I help you with this?", Letiția went on.

“It is so thoughtful of you, milady.” the Syrian said and gently kissed her hand. “Actually yes. I would like to have a long espresso and a sparkling mineral water.”

And he couldn’t get his eyes off her beautiful blue eyes, as deep as the blue sea as the song has it. She was definitely the most special woman he had seen in his entire life.

"Ya Rab[3]! Her blue eyes... How could anyone resist looking at her marvelous eyes?" He was used to the Damascene beauty the women in his family were renowned for, especially for their porcelain-like skin. Yet, she was so different - a blue-eyed European lady. So exotic!

“Fiți amabilă, domnul dorește să comande un espresso lung și o apă minerală,” Letiția placed the order in Romanian.

“I was wondering... could you please tell me your name?”, he asked her politely.

“Of, course. I am Letiția. And you?", she asked.

“I am Mohammad. It is so nice meeting you." If you only knew...

"It is nice meeting you too. Here you are, I'd better get back to my friends", she said and half turned away from him.

"Wait!  What about we have a coffee same place, same hour next week?", he asked her in a heart bit.

"I don't know about that", she replied and looked at him thoughtfully.

Lak you don't know, but I know. Woman, I am not leaving the bistro unless you give me your phone number. It is not happening. Not today, he thought to himself.

"Well, let me have your phone number and then we'll talk that over. I wouldn't keep you anymore. Your friends seem to be waiting for you", he insisted.

She said OK, gave him her number, fixed him with her dazzling blue eyes and then all of the sudden turned around and made her way back to her friends.

The stroke of luck had knocked on his door that very day.

He was lost in the blue ocean of new intriguing feelings.

                        Letitia has got blue eyes... 

Sir, play their song for me:

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a deep blue sea
On a blue blue day

Blue eyes
Baby's got blue eyes
Like a clear blue sky
Watching over me

Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby's got blue eyes
And I am home, and I am home again

And it is here that their seed of love had begun to crop. The once in a lifetime love story began here.

The amazing couple met here.

I feel it, right here.


[1] Good evening in Romanian.
[2] Cheers in Romanian.
[3] Oh God in Arabic.

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