“Everybody has forsaken us but God”

Everybody has forsaken us but God
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Rosary Rose,

Open up thy arms of petals,

The people of Ghouta need

thy heavenly WATER, of LOVE, of MERCY...


“Everyone has forsaken us but God"
"Save Ghouta" is the outcry of the beautiful
"daughter of the universe"
from the besieged suburb

Our Dearest is underground,
Children and women with her bound,
The humans of the cave are careless to the bone.
"Save Ghouta"
The outcry reached the vibes of the heart,
And the qalb has wept ever since,
tearing her apart,
Tears of blood, tears of sorrow,
Tears of a way not to follow.
Humanity, what a notion?
You, humans, are asleep,
When will you wake up?
The genocide is again on the move,
Ah, ya Rab, how will it be removed?
I close my eyes,
I won’t see how it rules. Damascus of my childhood,
wake me up when all of this
is no longer in the hood
people starve to death
with no water, nor food

This is a nightmare,

Why do you repeatedly make the same mistake,

Why do you kill innocent people

Aren't you tired of being primitive,

Blood is on your hands

Those good old days,
When we used to play in the sun,
Loved and caressed by Dimashq anon...
The children of today,
Why not let them play,
You, human, have taken their childhood away


Dearest Beauty,
The vibrations of my love
to you I send
with this petal of the rose,
the Damascene Rose.
I send it with all my heart,
I know, today, words have become
a shallow form of art
they are easily said,
and yet,
the vibes of my heart before you I have laid,
It is not much, I know
Yet the poet tells me
"your children are not your children,
but are children of the universe..."
And here I am, begging You, dear Universe:
Bring this dirty unconceivable massacre to an end!
Stop using (chemical) weapons, starvation
on "our" innocent children
to your own ends,
dear Human!
After all, it's the third millennium!
For the LOVE of God
Coming back to you, dearest sweetie,
I love and I admire your strength and
your unwavering faith:

“May God help us"

Photo Credit: Pinterest and Spotlight Humanity


A gentle reminder: according to the "WORLD news"  Ghouta, the suburb, 15km east of Damascus has an estimated population of 400,000, who have been under siege SINCE 2013.

#SaveGhouta #save_syrian_children #save_the children_oftheWorld #savetheWorld #LOVE 




Everybody has forsaken us but God
Everybody has forsaken us but God
A hug just for you
Crying Girls _Damascus _Damascene Rose Blog_Save Ghouta
Save Ghouta – Damascene Rose Blog – Damascus
Everybody has forsaken us but God
Everybody has forsaken us but God

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