It’s Cold in Here

It's Cold in Here - Damascene Rose Blog
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I lie in bed

My love before you I have laid

Hit by the flu,

The pain in my body

lingers from head to toe

My throat is burning each time I cough,

I don’t think I will make it to the bath

My body shivers with a convulsive cough,

the spasms are so fast,

Forgive me - I am almost peeing my pants

I wonder how you are putting up in that cave,

Sending you supplies I crave

The cold is invading me

each time like a wave,

The soreness is not vanishing with its ebb

My lungs are swollen,

My nose itches,

I think of these witches

Why send shelling,

rockets and death?

Set on your brooms

and park somewhere else

Keep the arrow of hatred in the arch,

in your own courtyard

The Good and the Evil - Damascene Rose Blog

What about love?

What about it?

Are they deploying any of it?

I don't know. Have they heard of it?

I have water and vitamin C,

Certainly, your suffering is all I can see,

because the man won’t let you be

He won’t allow you to love, nor die,

the man has got rockets,

he wants to have fly

his conscience is nothing but a terrible lie

He speaks a language of wealth and primitivism,

let us not waste the feather of optimism

He’s witnessed two World Wars

and he’s evolved by planning one more

The children and women are stuck underground,

by God, this flu has knocked me to the ground.

Blood is on your hands,

You, man of the cave,

Your sins will accompany you to the grave

A child is borne in her womb,

they are sentencing us to the tomb,

my love for you will always loom,

I pledge to you now,

witnessed by the moon …

The cough is back,

Hang on, my love,

Let them seek the grave

It is full,

there’s no room for a new passenger,

humanity has failed,

not a choice for you, dear traveler

As you persevere on your journey of life,

Make sure you see a glimpse of the light,

Don’t give up hope without a fight.

Let not your soul be rotten by a worm,

My love for You shall always keep you warm.

The worm of Power,

Obsession and Greed,

Have gained a grip on the creed,

No wonder this will lead

to sending the man on a permanent leave,

to his primitive cave

The cough is back and I wave,

sending to you my Love I crave,

Help - Damascene Rose Blog

Your Conscience won’t allow you

to enter the grave

The visual of the new tickets

hasn’t been issued,

The tears she has wept are all tissued,

intermingled, connected and tied,

Are all the secrets of the Universe in their tide

The Awakening is almost here,

You just need the Conscience to hear,

That of the Heart to feel,

For now, the valves of the heart are all ill ...

Again the cold makes me spasm and crave,

The flows of the heart bring about their wave,

For the Cradle of the Collective Conscience can’t wait

Not any more

It's Cold in Here - Damascene Rose Blog

“I follow the Way of Love, and where Love's caravan takes its path, there is my religion, my faith.”

- Ibn Arabi

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