Children of the Heart, dear Damascus

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Micheaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllll sing that song for me, for the Children of the Heart, the Children of the World:


Micheal ... Micheal Jackson - Children of the Heart - Damascene Rose

Heal the World,

Make it a better place,

For You and for Me,

and the entire Human Race ...

My baby love,

I would share my water and roof with you,

But I can’t.

They have closed the faucet of humanity on us.

At present, every single drop of it is being negotiated.

The Mundane Stock Exchange has decreased the price of every "life stock".

The Life Stock Exchange went bankrupt. So the value for one life is somewhere around insignificant.


Faucet - Damascus - Damascene Rose

There’s no running water.

“If I could feel in my mouth just one sip of water. I guess I could even mouthwash with 3 sips. It would be a real barake – Baraketu Allah. Oh, how I’d indulge!

The tears run dry on my cheek and so does the tap of life.

“Oh, sip it now! So what? You’re afraid of going outside, of getting killed? Duck now.”

“I wonder where this labyrinth leads to. What if we walked our way out? Do you think we can make our way out of Ghouta?”

“Are you insane? It’s dangerous. Just stay put.”

“What if we found ourselves in Disneyland?”

“That’s in Paris, smarty!”

“Let’s give it a shot. Maybe we reach Damascus? I am so hungry. I’d have some rose marmalade.”

“Oh, I’d drink all the water of roses. Oh, dear sip of water, step by step I am gonna get to you.”

Dream ON!

Dream - Children of the Heart - Damascus - Damascene Rose

La cucaracha... La cucaracha... La cucaracha…

 “I am choking. God, my lungs are burning.”

“Me too. I can’t open my eyes. I think they’re glued. I can’t breath either.”

It’s the gas, it’s the gas. They’ve spread it again.

“Do you think we are going to paradise, to our garden of jasmine and roses?”

“Of course. God will see us through. I know He will. God is good. I’ll be seeing you around inshallah, in the heavenly perfumed garden of our childhood.”

“What if there are no cats? What will we be chasing?”

“When did we ever get bored?”

“You are right. I guess the angels will be playing with us too.”

“Look at the bright side: we’ll have food, water, and chocolate.”

“And ghazle.”

“And ice-cream. Buzza, buzza!”

It’s a dream

“One more bomb!”

“Get down!”

“I am already down, I am underground.”

Una palabra


“This man is on fire.”

“Which one of them?”

“They say the Mussians are bombing us with the regime and that the Arab nations – our brothers and sisters have forsaken us.”

“Yeah, thank God my sister isn’t like that.”

“Neither is my brother. Alhamdulillah"

“My dear friend, if we die, we’ll die together, and loving each other.”

“Let’s hug.”

My guardian angel,
Where are you?
What else can I do,
than speak to you?
I see your light,
You’ll see me through,
Even the shadows of blackness,
Shall become tenderness,
Thanks to You

“Do you think it’s a shooting star?”

“No, habibi. It’s the light of the shelling.”

“Oh! I was to make a wish.”

“Make it anyway.”

“What if it doesn’t fulfill?”

“Make it anyway.”

“I wish this dirty nasty war was over. I miss my bed and my Mickey Mouse. If only I could get rid of this stinky bloody t-shirt.”

We had a dream... Our childhood was depicted from a dream

Rosary Rose,

Spread your petals,

Some mercy might squeeze out of it

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