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The Stories of the Heart - Damascus - Damascene Rose Blog
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Jdo, jdo, jadjidni,

I imagine you walking straight home from your workshop,

as fit as a Damascene camel, habhabni.

Jdo, jdo, jadjadni,

The heritage of your passion,

right from the Straight Street invades me,




The Stories of the Heart


The fire in my heart doesn’t allow me to go to sleep.

I am wondering and wandering,


searching for you, Light

My hands make the movement of el flamenco,

of offering and receiving love,

to remove the fog,

And I walk and walk towards you,

Trying to unleash the fire:

NO, I cannot allow myself to be vulnerable again!

What if I get shattered? How will I be able to put the pieces of my puzzle in place?

I shall complete the puzzle and leave the stitches of the heart open,

The wind might pass by and fly

Cause that’s what you do,

You just drop by.

The heart-shaped window is still open,

and the storm of my soul is much more tormenting.

What will happen now?

Will you take me home?

Shall I have that place in your heart,

in the entire penthouse, not just a room of it?

And the wind groans,

Thus, the heart-shaped window moans,

Shall I shut the door

or leave it open?

Hello, stranger! Is that You?

Oh, You!

And I have been going on,

The fire of my beloved home has kept me warm,

My Tara, my beloved,

I have been waiting for you.

“What if I don’t find him?”

“You will find him!”

“How come you know?”

“You will because that’s you.

Certainly, you won’t stop till you have found him.”

The stories of the Heart - Damascus - Damascene Rose Blog

Oh, it's You?

How come I haven’t seen you before?

By God, we ought to plant it,

the seed of our love,

the land is fertile,

 waiting for our seeds to grow,

into the Garden of Roses.

Is that you?

Watching me from behind the curtain,

Not making any move,

Hence not showing any proof

The wind hurls,

the door of my heart-shaped window moans,

will I finish this puzzle tonight,

or shall I leave the pieces of the heart untied?

I shall return to the land.

Your heart is so warm,

Therefore, I can’t take it anymore,

The heart needs its seed to be planted,

Our Tara is here,

Don’t take her for granted!

She waters us with love,

and stories of centuries:

The stories of the heart!






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