Am I That Connected to You, My Dearest Hometown: Damascus?

Am I that Connected to You Dearest Damascus?

Am I that connected to you, my dearest hometown Damascus, as to feel all of your surroundings?

“Maria, let’s go on with our massage, shall we?”

“Shafak, I would love to. But your body is not allowing me to. Your energy flow is wicked. It’s upside down and all over the place. The movement is not fluid. I have to apply the craniosacral therapy.”

“OK. I dream of a normal massage. I have had it with this energy cleaning flow, once and for all,” Shafak snapped.

“Shafak, it won’t be long before everything goes back to normal. Patience, my dear! Patience.”

“Ok, let’s connect.”

Lak what patience! I don’t have any patience left. Not anymore.
Ah, Ya Rab, help me strengthen my endurance. Too much awareness is not good for the soul. It hurts. My soul is aching.

Within a few seconds, the energy began flowing through her body.

“Rose? Is that you? You have turned black.”

My God! Dimashq, habibti, something is going wrong. I hope you are OK. I don’t understand these currents of energy, transcending my body.

I am feeling frost-bites. Strong freezing currents are making their way from the top of my finger-toes to my head. It is so cold. My teeth are trembling with cold. It feels as if I have been put naked in water at minus degrees for long. It’s the ICE AGE.

Am I underground?

“Hello! Is that you?”

Rosary Rose, who is connected to me? What are they trying to tell me? The house is warm. And so is my body. How is it possible for me to be freezing to death? 

“Who are you? And how can I help you?”

I swear to God I would. Just reach out your hand to me.

Rose, I am freezing to death. What does this mean?

Are you lonely and you need someone to look after you?

Could this be? Am I feeling the pain and the suffering of the people in Ghouta? Is this cold I am feeling me being connected to you, my dearest hometown?

Oh, Damascus, am I feeling the reverberations of sorrow around You! And how could this be? My teeth and body have been trembling and shivering all day long… It's twenty degrees outside. The house is warm.

If this is me having a massage then I don’t want it. It’s too painful! These frost like currents are tormenting.

Oh, God, have mercy on us, and our souls!

And if I can be of any help, enable me to be the best version that I can.

Yours truly, with all my love.

Rosary Rose,

Oh, mother rose,

Protect us anon.

Allah ma3kon ...

#SaveGhouta #SavetheChildren #SavetheChildrenoftheWorld #SaveYourselfHuman #SaveYourselfAnon

 [1] Song Credit: Hello - Lionel Ritchie

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