The Heart of A Hybrid

The Heart of a Hybrid

He speaks the language of my heart like no one else before,

The dialect of my soul, in truth, seek I shall no more,

An expected miracle dwelling on my door,

The hearts opened and the card of life will no longer be shuffled,

Not on this floor

That of the heavenly peacefulness of unity,

For you and I are two,

And two is nothing more than one

The holy oneness of the self,

The spiritual identity of myself

I dreamt of you,

And I saw me,

A mirror to the cells of the oneness to be You and me

A true family of the One,

To breath the same scent of the loving heart,

To capture the high vibration to never fall apart

A moment in time,

That’s what it takes,

A soothing painkiller to melt it all

The ache of the soul vanishes,

The petal of the heart flourishes

Oh you, sentiment, high language of the heart,

The haute couture of the senses,

Wrapped up in its fragrant tenderness

The Heart of a Hybrid

I sea you waves of life,

Of mirth and joy,

Of l’amour with all the blossoming petals it brings

The foam of the sea captures the ankles in its rapture,

Tender petals hear the laughter,

A soul pair is here caressed in its wonder

Oh, you see the wonder of life,

She captures all that it is to be given away

Its magical sponge heals everything in its way

Its ebbs juggle with the pulses,

Evaporate the negative,

And foams out the positive

Fastly embraces you with its tide,

Covers your being in Life

Life of Love,

Life of peacefulness,

The holy flower of togetherness

The foam disappears in its sponge,

Leaving the rose blossom on its shore

A Goddess sent from the Heavens

to teach us how to love,

Lifting the Holy Spirit up above

The level of conscience of the heart,

Of the deep feelings that never part

Be it struggle, be it war,

The power of Love is greater than them all

The rose flourishes all alone,

It’s you I’ve been waiting all along

Right in front of my eyes,

In your very heart, all the beauty lies

For there is no other soul that has touched mine,

Two different hybrid hearts in the Oneness that the Spirit ties

The Rose its magical petals flies ...

The wave is coming towards me,

Inhale Life,

 Exhale Love.

This LOVE is the language of the heart,

Till death do us apart.



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