A Stroke of Childhood

A Stroke of Childhood _Damascene Rose Community

Oh, what a day!

International Children's Day

There is so much I would like you to say…

In fact, one word from you and I’d forever and always stay

Just like the perfection of the sprinkles on my birthday cake,

Colorful, joyful and playful

No other ray has taken me back there, to my eeny, meeny, miny, me

Your sun is the smurfy blanket, which covers me while I watch my favorite series,

The smurfy tea cup which accompanies me while I write,

Or the twinkle of your smile in daylight

One thing for sure - I’d smurf up my time with you,

I would...

The balloons full of wishes land.

"The blue guy" pop-ups from one of the colorful "balloona" and says:

"I am your genie,
Your wish is my command!"

And here comes the answer:

"If I could have a taste of those
 what was their name?
Mirth and Merriment,
Of the peacefulness those old days bring.
That’s why we call it childhood."


It’s that place we call home

A Stroke of Childhood – Damascene Rose  Community
“Dear Genie,
I’ll have a touch of the petals of his Love assorted
with his smile, and a very tight hug.
I’d follow him in the sweetest escape, climb on the boat to reach the Straights of his embrace, and follow his steps. Indulge in his heart’s caress.”
And one more thing:
"Oh, genie, take me home. Just to embrace my mom,
and connect to her roots for
a tiny bit."

Rosary Rose,

Cover me with your petals,

For the time is near,

It is happening …

I can feel it



I am going home
My Rosary Rose


Embrace his heart
Never release
I feel it close
My Rosary Rose


Tickle his toe
Dance along
I am going home
My Rosary Rose
It’s here almost


My Rosary Rose
I am going home
Stay close
I am here


I am going home
My Rosary Rose
And home is where my heart is
In the land of the kindred spirits
Of total love and blissfulness

"Your wish is my command:

Love is here already

Open up the door!"

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A Stroke of Childhood - Damascene Rose Community

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