A Short Ode to Blissfulness

Ode to Blissfulness - Damascene Rose Community

A Short Ode to Blissfulness


My dearest Dimashq,
Oh, what a morning!
I woke up in a flower explosion.
The “future“ is knocking on my door.
Knock-knock-knocking on the heavenly Rose’s door.


My heart is in the tremble, she feels he is about to set sail to Bucharest.
What will it be like? What shall I wear?
My heart with his palm I shall pair,
Back to You, my source!
My rose.
Struggling on this wave called Life.
I have finally found  my path,
dearest Mom!
 My cameler is on the road,
He is to reach Bucharest soon.
I cannot put into words how excited I feel.
My heart is alive,
My  soul is awake,
And the vibration is dancing on the frequencies of the heart,
El Flamenco.
Unleash the fire I am about,
Of the passionate Love no doubt
Rosary Rose,
The cameler is on his way ...
Sniff the rose,
El perfume del corazon,

Pirouette back to Damascus:

She had left her heart engraved in your Heavenly Earth and never ever has she imagined she’d recover it back. It’s all coming back to her, all of it. The other day, she danced with the rain, and the only thing she could feel was You, the smell of your earth. Of all the countries she has visited, no other land smells like yours. Your earth is unique for keeping us grounded, hydrated, loved and nourished.  And her smell is unforgettable!

Who could have imagined that a non-Damascene shall have it brought back to her on his ship of the deepest soul? He speaks her favorite language – that of her father’s  – the language of the sentiment.  She counts the petals to see his sweet smile again. In truth and in sentiment.  An evolved representative of his race, with a high level of understanding and feeling: A gentleman with a heart of gold ...

A hybrid just like her.  Her Love, if not "obsession" with the "Saint" Rose is not a coincidence. Nothing ever is. It so happens that the Rose Goddesses have descended from the planet Venus to teach us- human beings, LOVE.
And with the fusion of the two roses, Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata, there you have the full power of the love of the hybrid Rosa DamascenaThe Damascene Rose, unique for its fragrance, smell, and unconditional love, an outcome of the reunion of two different species.

I feel you are coming from the same planet as me, from the Garden of Roses.


























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