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Como no lo dice el…

Es como si fuera ayer.

Y no, no lo es,

Porque no lo fue,

Porque tu no eres.

Te fuiste como un ladron,

Un ladron de mi Corazon

Ninguna palabra no lo puede demonstrar

Porque siiii,

No me lo vas a encontrar

Y no queriste a mi eschucar

A mi cancion,

A mi voz,

A mi sentido de la vida,

De la situacion.



 Como te llamas?

No te lo puedo decir.

Que es lo que sientes?

No te lo voy a decir.

Que es lo que quieres?

Mucho. Y muy poco.

Solamente Dios Mio y yo lo sabemos

Y no es para tanto


Tu no lo sabes,

Quiza lo sientes ...

Flamenco - Damascene Rose Community
 No cuentes!
No, no me lo cuente. No cuentes conmigo!
Voy a irme,
A bailar mi cancion,
Mi cancion de AMOR.
Y por el amor de DIOS,
No me busques mas.
Quedate, quedate
Raphael - Damascene Rose Community

He jumps out of the blue,

Playing the same blues,

Over and over again

Trying to draw one of his paintings.

An artist of Him and Her,

Till death do them apart.

Just like that abstract painting sang

the colors of their supposed story 

I won’t let you in

It’s theirs to swallow

Nobody can follow


Raphael - Damascene Rose Community

RAPHAello, where have you been, my dear?

Curls in the air,

Acting as if you care

But you don’t

It is just like a chronic disease

You want to get rid of it

You can’t

For you won’t

C’est un mode de vie

Cum ar fi? As in if?

There are no IFs

Only BEs 

Fly away on your bee

I will remain here with my friend, Raphael

Archangel Raphael - Damascene Rose Community

 From the top of it,

 Later on

I shall jump in His healing pool of LOVE

in Bethesda,

Guided by this Archangel,

in the arms of my Guardian Angel.

And walk my way in the garden,

of the Romanian Atheneum,

This is where their seed of love rolled

Away, away, is the painting

Of El și Ea,

He and She,

Even in the Life Hereafter.

Rekindling the Flame,

Maybe this is what it is all about,

Oh, No. I know,

To You, it is part of the Game.

Evantai - Damascene Rose Community

“You look like Raphael”

“You mean that I am ugly, don’t you? Go away!”

“Habibi, I have never meant to hurt you.

You are my darling turtle.

Raphael is my favorite ninja turtle,

that’s why I have compared you to him,

For you are my turtle,

My testoasa”


Go, Flamenco, go, Flamenco, go!

Playing like Raphael the keynotes of the Renaissance

On my skateboard I go, I go, I go,

You’ve been touched by that painting,

I know, I know, I know

Dua Lipa sings her song,

I am homesick


Where have You been?

Where, where, where.

Tell me.

A series of numbers everywhere I go,

I am guided by my archangels,

I know.

11:11 and then 9999 follows,

And 1808 embraces my way,

Raphael, dearest Archangel Raphael...

My favorite ninja turtle,

Let’s slide,

On our skateboards, we ride.

Rafael is stuck in his painting

“Un mode de vie”,

My archangel is with me


Et belle est ma vie.


Când ziceai că revii?    


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