Meet Me at the Circus

Meet me at the circus - Damascene Rose

Meet me at the Circus

I don’t know how you do it,
Just make it happen.
The circus ain’t in my head,
It is the vibration your curls create …
There you have the CIRCUS.
You have acted like a clown,
You wanna hear my voice,
Then let’s make some noise!
I do hope with all my heart that the drawings  I’ve been
sending you,
Haven’t caused you any trouble,
It’s just life and it’s bubble.
I have thought of it, but wasn’t sure,
Encrypted in an addendum,
No need for a referendum.
 Meet me at the Circus,
 All the crowd and us,
Life and all its bubbles … 

A memory of you,

Vague and shadowed,

Your face I see,

Your soul is aching,

The sadness that has filled it I sense

You’ve missed me

I know,

Your head is M&Ms and Skittles,

I am fierce when I get hungry and upset,

I’ll have a Snickers…

I’m sorry too.

Should I have sent you too many skittles,

You could have had directed my board,

I am on it,

Heading to the tennis court

Meet me at the circus,

Where I will be throwing balls at your head,

For every bit of stress you have caused me,

Since the very day we have met

A karmic liaison,

That is,

Coming from the island of Love

it is.

The circus starts again in my head,

It is in my head, always in my head,

All over the place.

The clown pops up on the scene,

Releasing a hedgehog-shaped pear,

in the heart of the bay.

The circus flies me back to


Estaban aya ello y ella,

Como si fuera ayer.

The bay of Marbella,

Where you laughed like a clown,

I had no clue you got emotional,

For I was happy and very much in love

Too frightened to even conceive you loved me back,

And I admit, I DO,

The space for me to grow I have forged

I was searching for a port,

To set my anchor,

On my way home …

My heart bled,

The circus in my head spread all over the place

Like the colorful tiny M&Ms

And here you go,

Jiggling and miggling with the balls of Life,

Too much of balls,

Killed nobody though

Meet me at the circus,

Or don’t,

The circle of Life

Shall have its course.

I have reached the port,

I am going home, soon, to my bay,

And it is there that I shall stay.


Meet me at the circus - Damascene Rose
My ship is about to reach its destination, my dearest clown

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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