No More Walls …

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No more walls ...

It’s been a while. I haven’t been able to express any idea, any feeling or anything else, lately. Whenever I ‘d start writing a story, words would disperse and hit the wall and fall into cascades of … an infinite unknown.
I have been numb. All my inspiration went dry. I must have been hurt.  Who knows?
I have just woken up. I opened the door to my colorful roses, inhaled the perfume of love and caress.
The roses of Damascus have always kept me warm. I walk towards the coffee machine and think of  You as coffee fills my favorite cup.

I am sorry to inform you that I don’t believe a dime of what you are saying.

You have been everywhere.

I am sorry to inform you that the heart knows and feels.

The heart has got the ability to see the unseen and to surpass the unknown.

And I am glad you are out of the perimeter.

I am sorry you cannot see me,

For there is “no need, it won’t help”,

Hence life is too short and like you said: “This moment is not coming back”.

Therefore, it is not to be wasted…

Still, I am glad you answered me.

I am back to my place, my Garden of Roses. And it’s there that I shall spend my time. For it is mine, by God’s mercy. And you are not going in, any closer.

I am sorry time has passed and there is nothing to last.

I am sorry my imagination is too vast.

I am sorry you say it’s just my imagination

For it seems you kinda love it ...

You do love it!

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I am sorry too,
Very sorry,
Just like that!
And then again, it is just my imagination.
That’s what it has always been – my imagination.
No more walls…



This story shall be developed furthermore,

I am sorry I cannot write, not anymore

Words have hit again the wall,

You see, even an elastic heart has its threshold,

Tears I have cried,

You deserve no more…


I have just received a phone call,

You wanted to check upon me?

Well, guess what?

I feel hurt. Very hurt.


Within 6 months I have gained some very disturbing kilos around my oriental belly...

Only the saint bread could help me release the tension of my gut,

My bubbly gut needed a sponge,

And this was beyond the expertise of the symbiotic enzymes I am taking,

Of the charcoal, of the healthy green vegetables,

After all, I am only human.

This pain I shall no more bear,

I am sorry too, for there is no time to spare ...


Not anymore.

No more walls...

You break me with your constant remote controlled harassment,

And afterwards, you have her send me links so that I workout?

Do you think I have any energy left after you willingly break me?

I don't like being followed ...

I am sorry I have to tell you,

I like you not,

I cannot put up with you,

Not anymore.
No more walls...
My Tara - My Garden of Roses -My Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest & Damascus

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