On My Way Home

Me voy con Dios - Damascene Rose
El matador del amor,
No se fue,
El matador del Corazon,
Es por todo lado,
Me habla sobre la coerencia,
Pero es loco
NO se porque hice esa obsesion por mi
Hombre,  no tienen mujeres bellas en tu pais?
Pues vete! Vete de aqui!
Eres un matador de vida
Mi pais es un pais de amor, y de sentimientos,
Aqui no hay lugar por un mentiroso, por un ladron ...


Ninguna palabra

Ningun circo

Vete con todo el pasado

Vete con Dios

Me voy con Dios - Damascene Rose

Girls, c’mon let’s dance! El flamenco heals it all. It stems from the heart, wiping all the negativity. Like a bird which flies and flies, and never ever gives up till she’s reached her nest. The home she’s used to, the fragrance for the nostrils, the comfy sofa, the candlelight …

“Rosalinda, turn right. Straighten up your posture! That’s it, guapa!”

"Yalla banat, let’s do this. We have one week left until the show and we must get ready."

That very moment Rosalinda indulged in the petals of her heart and allowed for them to take the lead. She had no other choice! She had reached a moment where she’d flown above it all. Everything had been erased from her memory, from her heart. The petals of her soul embraced her and gave her strength to give the best flamenco she could. Otherwise, she couldn’t feel. Her heart went silent. It stopped beating the way she used to. She needed that hot-blooded beat to rush her moves up and fly her tacon on the scene.

All of the sudden, her mind flew away. Her mind was somewhere else, in a forest doing forest bathing. Inhale. Exhale. Embrace your fears, release your anger and frustrations. There you go.

“Ay, ya Rab, if only I could be free!”

“Beautiful woman, you are free. Who is tying you down?”

She turned in the direction the voice came from saying: “I am stuck. I have to unlock myself.”

“You have the key,” the speaking tree replied to her.

“OMG! Where am I?”



“You are in the Now land.”

“How come?”

“Connect to your essence. Seize the Now. Embrace the energetical vibes of the Now land. Embrace the now moment, this will enable you to become one with a whole universe which lies within you. Your vibration will increase till it shall have reached a level you couldn’t have imagined before. Thus, not only shall you have unlocked yourself, but also you shall have reached your true potential, the authentic You: your being.”

“Hmzzz … nicely said.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Yeah! Well, it’s easy for you to say. Your heart is not aching,” Rosalinda yelled and hit the earth making a few flamenco moves.

“And why is that? Let’s talk about it.”

“I won’t. This is all I needed in my life right now:  a speaking tree!”

“Beware, daughter of the Universe, for miracles lie in the unseen.”

“What do you mean?”

“You never know when a twist of fate is scheduled to happen. Miracles do happen all the time…”

“You tell me about it? ”

“You are just having a moment. It’ll pass. You’ll see.

It’s always for the best.”

Little did she know at that time, for she would be protected by her guardian angels at all times. Also, she had no clue that the trees would become her best friends. And eventually, she’d rather spend time in nature than with the primitives of the race.
 Only the gang of the Illuminati would be able to transcend the thick walls of her Citadel - those who uttered syllables of authenticity, who meant it. Truly.
 Just like her mother town – Damascus, she had a solid and enrooted foundation.
 And the deeper she researched the 15thfamily, the more she learned about herself and the eager she was to raise the vibration and the frequency of Love wherever she went.
“Senin mașallahın var,” her Froggy Frog once told her.
 Your abilities and skills are out of the ordinary. 

“C’mon. Sit here close to me.  The essential oils I emanate will help you reinvigorate, the rays of the sun will caress you, and I will gladly listen to you. “

The rays of the sun caressed her head and the Light urged her to open up:

“My so-called luck in men and male friends sucks.“

“ Go on… “

“Well, I keep meeting sons of blackberries and blueberries. No raspberries. And they reach out to me as if I were the madre dolores. JLO has it figured out. I ain’t

their momma, ya know:

“ Uuuh, I am frightened the business isn’t going well.”

“ Oooh, I am sorry I wasn’t ready for a relationship.”  (“Who has ever wanted a relationship with you, brick? You write to me after two years ‘cause you know I own a business and I might help you get out of your financial trouble? You fool around telling lies that you had something going on with me, when in fact … you are just speaking out of frustration!”)


They were enjoying the taste of the delicious fish by the Bosphorus, she – a Damascene in Europe and he – a Damascene Syrian, both born in the Capital of Jasmine and yet, not kindred in soul, principles or perspective on Life. Not at all.

As she was lost in the wavy movements of the delightful Bosphorus, out of the blue he asks her:

“So how much do you earn? How many kits do you sell per month?”

Her soul stared at him struck with disgust.

“Regretfully, I cannot tell you that. It is confidential.”

“You are here with me now. Who’s working in the office?”

“It’s a system. It works only when it’s turned on. And unfortunately, it doesn’t work if I’m not there for it seems people have chosen me to present the services.

They have chosen and I have responded to their call.”

“What do you mean by system?”

“I mean that I have created a niche marketing system that works by itself.”

She felt hurt. He was one of her few ties to "her Damascus" and unfortunately, all along he had been scrutinizing the situation to grab hold of a good marriage.

Not only had he shocked her with his bluntness, but also he had lied to her. Truth be told, even her pragmatical mom had never ever asked her this. So she was astonished, to say the least, that a non-family member could ask her this.

For she was used to Mohammad’s heart, and to his deep, kind and tender kinda Love. She couldn’t have expected such a different approach. Not from somebody close to the family.

And he didn’t stop there, no.  He just evaporated from her Life. He stopped existing for her that very moment.

“Aren’t you going to buy yourself a house?”

"Sana ne! What’s in it for you? Ahlaksiz adam."

Why is behaving like this? His questions swept her heart off her chest.

And so it follows that the man of the 3rdMillenium has transcended the boundaries of the self
Money, power, and greed have conquered his heart
The war should have or could have strengthened you
You could have clung to your Being
Is this your Being:
Negotiating Love?
Hiding behind the skirts of a woman?
I ain’t your momma, No!
Ain’t your Mama – Damascene Rose

Once upon a time, genuine Damascenes would take care and protect their women and kindred. They’d feel and stay true to oneself and hence, to their half.

The Movement of Resistance against the French occupation is a standing proof of one’s clinging to one’s essence.

“You know I am almost ready with my blog. I am going to have it launched soon. Their love is inspirational. Can you imagine with all they’ve been through they have clung to each other even more despite all odds? And to this day, they breathe their oneness as a couple.“

By now, he has grown quite furious, one could tell by the look on his face.

“ What I love the most about them is that they are one. The depth of their “thing” exceeds one’s ability of comprehension.  They are on their frequency – Love FM. A deep and authentic imperfect Love, and that makes it perfect.”
Of course, he had no clue of all the sacrifices her mom had done for baba. The exquisite care she had shown for him for years, how she had fought the tentacles of the harsh destiny whenever it splashed a new juicy unwelcome twist of painful venom. And yet, Letitia was there to protect her family, fiercely. Her family wasn't a manufacturer of the Damascene sword, yet it was a descendant of a genuinely enrooted Romanian family.
And she would protect her beloved husband at all costs, even that of not being a pretty good mother. Hard times require hard measures. And, the difficulties of war were unfathomable.

All this meant nothing to the guy. Out of the entire situation, he had learned nothing.

You are a humanitarian, man! Do you know what that is? It means helping other people, and genuinely caring for them. It means having a heartbeat. For a pinch of inspiration, please do follow “Um Musa” – Her Adorableness Angelina Jolie.

"You couldn’t feel me,  not even a tiny bit, albeit you are close to the family."

The people of Aleppo were forced to relocate. People starved, and ended up without a roof over their head, no shelter, no warmth. Hasn’t this situation enlightened you, not even a tiny bit? Hasn’t your soul evolved in this pitch-dark sufferance?

This is what you’ve made out of the entire war? If you cannot stick together and love each other,  build up a shield to protect the Collective Soul facing these terrible crimes against humanity itself, then who will, "habibi"? Ha? Answer me?

The guy was about to implode. All his body language was saying “talk to me about money, money, and your earnings”. Another “human being" treating her as if she were a cow to be milked or a fountain of money. Not in a million years could she grasp this kind of people’s rationale or behavior.  For she did nothing to show off …

Maybe authenticity and true essence talked more than a dollar-dollar bank account did...

“You created a system, with your own brain?” he asked her furiously and aggressively.


Ain’t your Mama – Damascene Rose

"Lak shu habibi you think I am stubid or what? You know, I used to think that you were smarter than me. It turns out that I am smarter than I have expected", she thought.

One cannot tell if he was astonished because she was a Damascene hybrid female or just a human being belonging to the female race actually using God's gift: the saint brain.

“Thank God I live in Europe. Alhamdulillah!  I don’t have to put up with a guy, just because he is the man, supposedly.”

One thing for sure he had sealed his fate for good in what concerns his relationship with this Damascene in Europe.

Once again, her guardian angels were there to show her the Light.

Mother source, in You and in your Fountain of Love and True Being we trust!
Let the divine work its magic
For it’s your sacred earth that has survived centuries of turmoil
These guys shall come around, eventually. Shall grow up and turn into a much more evolved species, and hopefully, they shall surpass the species of the Damascene Rose that I have known. For sure, the Rose shall sprinkle her magic and deliver a new series of the Children of the Universe, made up of a better dough, just like that of the Great Family of Love.
Let there be love



The Garden of Roses - Damascus

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Capture screen of JLO's single "I Ain't Your Mama" on youtube.com

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