On This Beautiful Blood Moon My Love to You I Pledge …

Blood Moon - Damascene Rose
Damascus, My Love,
I have felt it in my blood,
I have boiled all day long,
To your perfumed embrace I long,
The phenomenon of the Blood Moon is to occur today,
Bucharest’s time 20:37 pm.
My feet have trembled,
The beat of my heart has fastened,
I am looking forward to seeing the Blood Moon.

I do believe - with all my heart, that this fantastic cosmic phenomenon shall bring about many positive changes. Both worldwide and in my life, hopefully.


Bucharest, around 7 pm

Transforming the pressure into the dance of Love, the dance of Life. This is what it is all about.  El Flamenco. The dance of the heart… of the now. Of transforming the energy of the now into pure true love.

She opened the door of her flat, admired her fuchsia, just in the blooming flower and made her way towards the upper floor. As soon she had reached the door to the rooftop, she introduced the key into the keyhole and there she was, on the top of the building where she made a wish from the top of her lungs.

The rooftop of the block of flats where she resides, the rooftop of her lungs, the rooftop of her desires and aspirations for this upcoming year.

“I have so, so many dreams I am eager to have come true.

Oopsy!  The sky is so foggy. But my heart isn’t.

I may not have been able to see you on the sky Blood Moon, but my heart shall feel your presence. Besides NASA has saved the day! I could see the maximum point the Blood Moon attained in Perth, Australia online @feeling so thrilled.

And ever since this amazing, once in 30.000 years phenomenon has occurred, many changes have already taken place in my life.”

You see, it seems the Lizard had cast a nasty spell on her 8 years ago, or even before. She felt as if a veil of fog had vanished. Her spirits have uplifted. She felt lighter, at peace with herself.

It’s a rebirth, a new blank page in the book of her life
Erase the old, release the new

 The Now version of a Damascene in Europe

to be released as soon as possible in

Damascene Rose the book   

Blood Moon - Damascene Rose

It’s like a foggy veil which has prevailed all over her aura, dense and intense just like the one in Charles Dickens’s books,  triggering a swirl of negativity and rejection around her, blocking her from taking any step towards progress. The Lizard might have cast a spell on her, however God willing, her Guardian Angels have always been actively there to protect her and uplift her, protect her from the forces of darkness, pull her out of the labyrinth of the Pitch Dark  Depression. The energy of this Witch Lizard shall no longer prevail. Her powers are long gone by now.

All we have is this precious Now. Not the projection of the past, nor that of the future. Everything happens in the now.

Why waste time on imagining tons of scenarios on how the relationship will or could unfold when you have the Now to hold?


“Had he stopped you, would you have remained?”

“He never was. He did nothing, just simply deceived me and mistreated me till I returned to the abyss of my being back home.”

My turn:

“How come you have never imagined it just simply wasn’t me? How come this has never ever even crossed your mind? Maybe he bit the soul out of my heart with his sharp tongue till the vibration of the heart went dry. Maybe, just maybe,  it wasn’t me.  What about this scenario where she had lived the shock of her life and God willing, it took her years to recover from the abyss of sufferance, all by herself.  And guess what? No one can undo the past. So why are you dwelling so much on it? Do you know how deep you had stung the knife into the wounds of her soul with your creative questions? All of your smart messengers’ questions were way out of the context.”

So coherent and present was he, 
The Lord of Coherence ...

“No one remained. They are all gone.” And you are telling me this because you are living in the now? I am here. They are gone. Are you with me now? No, you ain’t.  ‘cause all you have done so far was project your life and your past on me. You have never been there in the Now with me.  You didn’t allow me to speak, to say anything.  You had it all figured out, shut the door cutting my heart into thousands of pieces.  Granted, you had previously burnt it by putting the iron of indifference on it, while I was bleeding ... Eventually, I fainted and got an exquisite IBS.

I told you the truth. Because that’s what I do. I speak up the truth.

Always. Never have I lied to a single person, ever. This is me.  That’s why my personal branding is so vibrant. I have been always nothing but myself.”

Blood Moon - Damascene Rose

“I am different.”

“And so am I. You were too focused on you and yourself.”

She had to admit though she was very surprised he could see her, eventually.

Much impressed.

“Why did you get married?”

“What a question? I was head over heels in love.”

“Was he in love with you?”

“Of course he was. He’d tremble at the very sight of me. That’s why the shock was so big. It took me years to recover.”

“And have you recovered?”

“Of course I have. I am a Damascene by God’s mercy.  My garden of roses and my mother source have always kept me warm.  We are innate survivors. Damascus has had her identity for centuries. No conqueror has ever been able to alter her. It is just about adapting to the Now till you regain strength and ground to release your true self.“


“What happened?”

“Why does everybody keep asking me this? It’s my personal life…  Still, this interest of yours has motivated me to write the book. And you are right. It is going to be a hell of a story.“

“The books and the laws of the “street“ have it that when you are a “tramp” man and you hit on a Lady, then you’d better mean it, be real. Otherwise, why try in the very first place? You’ve already got your kind.”

I want nothing of what was
I want all of what is

Be Present

Live Now

LOVE so much Now





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