L’amour, toujours l’amour

2 Roses

La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur, Monmartre, Paris

C'est l'amour, toujours l'amour ... l'amour a jamais

"Oh, I can’t wait. We are going to the Basilique de Sacre-Coeur again. I must pray for this guy. He seems to need it big time. I feel it.  He’s like Picasso’s Guernica, all trouble and bubble. I can’t make anything of that painting unless I read about it."

As soon as they got out of the subway, her heart started beating with emotion at the very thought she was to step into the Sacre-Coeur for the second time within the same year.  The Sacre-Coeur of Endless Love. She had come here on a very important mission: she was to pray for all her beloved ones and for all the girls of the universe back home, who desired to get married and have bubuș @babies.

She could feel the vibration of the Basilique by now. As she climbed the stairs,  so strong and high a vibration invaded her, that she felt on top of the world.

If I were to describe the feeling I get when I’m in La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur in one word that would be – l’amour. The Love. Al 7ub.

"A deep and blissful peacefulness at a very high frequency. So that whenever my mind activates the imprint of the moment, my heart sinks in joy and blissfulness.
Isn’t this what Love is all about?"

She had come here on this aforementioned mission.

Thus, she prayed in a Catholic loving church in both rites, Christian and Muslim for her Christian (both Orthodox and Catholic), Muslim and Buddhist loved ones and for all the girls back home in Bucharest who eagerly wished to become mothers as soon as possible.

More than 3o minutes elapsed while she sat in one of the seats of the Basilique and teleported she was to the realm of the infinite source of the being.

And she indulged in the solemn and beautiful vibration of the Basilique, while her heart was praying and giving her 100% for everyone. She had come to Paris for  Montmartre to liaise with the frequency of the Basilique in order to increase the vibration of love which everybody around her hungered for.  So she was sending all her friends a portion of good luck and much bliss from Paris with amour.

Besides, there was something about this guy she couldn’t tell. She felt he needed her so much and yet, his behavior was all topsy-turvy. She couldn’t envisage what he wanted, what he planned. People thought she was unpredictable. But this one right here was the Micheal Phelps of the unforeseen.

He had previously told her she should have become a script-writer, whereas he kept playing the director, at all costs. She was sick and tired of his game, for he was a player, whereas she was daddy’s girl and hence, an innate life lover.

La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur
La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur

She didn’t count the minutes she spent inside while he was outside in the marvelous district of Montmartre waiting for her to come out and choose together one of the fine restaurants in the neighborhood.

It was so deep a prayer that she had forgotten about the notion of time. A universal prayer for everybody.

“God is the collective experience of the lot of us. Since we have made all choices already, God knows what He Is, what He Was and what He is Going to Be.

There is no time. People have invented the concept of time, otherwise, all our experiences would overlap. They do overlap, but we do not know it…”

She indulged in LOVE

"What you focus on becomes your reality. This is true here, and in after death. The difference is the speed with which you experience the results. In the physical life, there is a lapse between thoughts and experiences. In the spirits’ realm results are instantaneous.

Everything that happens is a physical manifestation of our innermost thoughts. Therefore, do not condemn those aspects of life with which you disagree. Seek to change them. Be the light into it and so transform it. Be the light to illuminate your own path, and to light the whole world. Gift others by giving them Themselves." [1]

La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur

“Here you are! It took me longer than I expected. ”

“No worries. It’s a beautiful sunny day. I’ve enjoyed watching the tourists.”

“This one over there gives a fantastic view to the surroundings. Shall we sit here?”

“Yes, of course. It’s delightful indeed.”

They had a direct view of the frames exhibited by painters. She lost herself in their colorful design and in the artistic outline of the neighborhood. The perfect combination. A place of fine art, high notes, and amazing vibration.

(For as much as I want to use a different word, I do believe that Sacre- Coeur is about vibration. It vibrates a solemn and peaceful Love.)


Lost in L'amourrr ...

If you are bored by now about all the same things I keep saying in different ways, well please be informed that I have been misunderstood for a long time now.  Mostly all of my life. And, the essence is always the same, and it lies at the base of our being.  It’s the elastic heart and her beating rhythm that keeps us going. It’s l’amour, baby. It’s a topic that has always kept us busy.

I for one would know. It has kept me so xxxx busy that I had to struggle to stick to the sanity of my being.  Nay! Guess what? I am kidding. I have always followed the path of my heart. And it has always led me to the beautiful land of the Damascene Rose.

What’s up

Uncle sends her a picture of beautiful Roses from the heart of Damascus:

“Shukran, 3ami. They are so beautiful.”

“I am glad you like them. Alhamdulillah.”

“Always. Alhamdulillah. Thank God.”

“Uncle, you know I feel that I am both Christian and Muslim. Since my parents are ONE and I am their SEED, I am both of them and hence I pray in both rites.”

“Al Din Lillah. Religion came from God,” her beloved uncle answered her.

An enlightened person whose light shines and reverberates from Damascus to her via what’s up.

For prayers stem from the heart and to the heart they do revert, irrespective of one’s creed.
2 Roses

"Remember as with all communications from God, take what you read as valuable, but not as infallible. Know that you are your own highest authority. Whether you read the Tal­mud or the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita or the Qur’an, the Pali Canon or the Book of Mormon, or any holy text, do not place your source of authority outside of you. But, rather, go within to see if the truth you’ve found is in harmony with the truth you find in your heart. If it is, do not say to others, “This book is true.” Say, “This book is true for me.”

And if others ask you about the way you are living because of the truth you have found within you, be sure to say that yours is not a better way, yours is merely another way.

For that is what this present communication is. This com­munication is just another way of looking at things. If it makes the world more clear for you, fine. If it puts you more closely in touch with your own innermost truth, good. But be careful not to turn this into your new “holy scripture,” for then you will have simply replaced one set of beliefs with another.

Seek not a set of beliefs, seek an awareness of what you know. Use whatever you find that returns you to that aware­ness. Understand that you are living an illusion, and that none of it is real. Yet the Illusion points to what is real and can give you an experience of it." [2]

La fille et le garcon, les deux Damasquins se rejoignent a Paris

 The garcon takes their order.

“Oh, I can’t believe I could make it.  I am here again.
Sacre-Coeur, I love you back. I am telling you, this basilica has loved me and I couldn’t help it.”

“I am glad you have liked it. Welcome back to Paris.”

“Merci, monsieur."

“So what’s new?

“Same old. I told ya this guy came back. That’s what he’s good at. He comes and goes, and since I met him during the darkest period of my life, speaking to him on the phone triggered the  reactive depression again.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that whenever anything occured related to that period of time or even worse, with every beginning, be it a project, a phone call  from a person I didn’t know, or even nurturing positive feelings regarding something, in a nutshell, every beginning, opening to the New caused this so call reactivity. I’d cry for days, involuntarily. I just couldn’t stop. I was helplessly facing my tears, all by myself. He called and then I cried for two days and I couldn’t stop. And he did act like an ass back then.”

“I am so sorry to hear that. You did send me a message via what’s up and your voice sounded very sad.”

“Yeah, well I couldn’t help it. Recently, I have gotten on this scooter, an electrical one.  I was enjoying the ride very much, but when I got off, my palms were all sweat.  It was my first time driving an electrical scooter ever.  That day on my way home, I realized that, although my health had shown an incredible progress, I still seemed to have trouble with that. We shall see. I do believe I am doing sooo much better now. Let's drink to that. Cheers!"

"Cheers. You rock!"

“Anyways, since depression and mental health have become ones of the troubles our society is confronting nowadays, I will develop on this some other time. Because it is very important for the persons around, for the community to know how to “handle” the situation.  Oftentimes, we don’t know, we haven’t been taught to cope with it. Thus, more often than not  the “subject” find themselves alone.”
“I think that year was a terrible one and when he called you, he just had you remember all that. It is Ok now. You are here with me. What’s past, is past and it cannot come back. So you’re safe. Besides, Sacre-Coeur has got your back.“
"That’s a good one. Yeah. And I have achieved this by myself, you know? “

L’amour… L’amour vibrant a Sacre-Coeur

“So what does he want?”

“ I have no idea. I let him be. What is meant to be, will be. So I just ignore him. Yet, I feel his presence all over the place. Should he be the Maktub, well then Rabna Ta3ala, God knows something I don’t. Moreover, he might be obsessed with me, not be into me.  And that’s a huge difference, my dear friend. We shall see. I really don’t know.”

“You’re right. Who knows? Still, I think something could grow with the hybrid you’ve told me about. That’s an interesting story.”

“Me too. And yet, my life has always been full of surprises. And I do believe in destiny. Kismet. Al Maktub, for what I know. So I hope with all my heart that I won’t have to choose between the two.”

“And why do you think that?”

“I don’t. I was just saying. I have been seeing so many signs.”

“What kind of signs? “

“I will tell you more about the synchronicity of the universe some other time, in  another story on Damascene Rose.”

“Can’t wait!”

“Thank you. And while you are at it, be in the knowledge that I have started seeing the book. Damascene Rose shall turn into the book on true Love, on Heritage and Life Stories; on the turmoil of the heart shedding Light upon Light in the straits of darkness and primitiveness. Fighting her way back home, in a survival mode: tasting the atrocities of the war, learning how to whine in each invading wave of the unexpected, resilient to the cruelties of disease, nevertheless always standing on her feet – just like You, my dearest Mother Source:

“I return to Damascus
Riding on the backs of clouds
Riding the two most beautiful horses in the world
The horse of passion.
The horse of poetry.
I return after … years
For the midwife who tossed me in the basin under the bed
She left our house
Her hands stained with the blood of the poem . . .
I return to the womb in which I was formed . . .
To the first book I read in it . . .
To the first woman who taught me
The geography of love . . .”
I have come to you . . .
From the history of the Damascene rose
That condenses the history of perfume . . .
From the memory of al-Mutanabbi
That condenses the history of poetry . . .
I have come to you . . .
From the blossoms of bitter orange . . .
And the dahlia . . .
And the narcissus . . .
And the "nice boy" . . .
That first taught me drawing . . .
I have come to you . . .
From the laughter of Shami women
That first taught me music . . .
And the beginning of adolescence
From the spouts of our alley
That first taught me crying
And from my mother's prayer rug
That first taught me
The path to God . . .
The Damascene House
Is beyond the architectural text
The design of our homes . . .
Is based on an emotional foundation
For every house leans . . . on the hip of another
And every balcony . . .
Extends its hand to another facing it
Damascene houses are loving houses . . .
They greet one another in the morning . . .”[3]
And so does the vibration of Love greet Humanity…
The Humanity based upon LOVE…
The Foundation of our existence
The Humanity that knows no boundaries
For LOVE melts all hindrances away on Her way
For LOVE is the only way
She embraces you in her petals
of the new bursting species of humans
For Love is Life

Photo Credit: Pinterest and Damascene Rose 

[1]Excerpt from "Conversations with God"- book 3- part 2- N.D. Walsch

[2]Excerpt from "Communion with God"-  part 2- ch12- N.D. Walsch

[3] Excerpt from "Damascus, What Are you Doing To Me?"-  Nizzar Qabbani

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