Istanbul, Istanbulule

Aya Sofya - Damascene Rose

Istanbul, Istanbulule …

A new week has commenced and it marks the last month of  2018.

Since it’s that time of the year -  indeed,  when yes we do make wishes, count the blessings in our life, come up with ideas to make the people we love happy. It’s the Christmas spirit – for those celebrating it. For those who are not celebrating it,  it is still an important month when we set the resolutions for the upcoming year.  Classical. And very beautiful.

To me, this month is very important. I could even say, crucial.

This is personal. It quite is.

You and I, my dear Istanbul, we seem to have a long history by now, we do. Our path has been full of coincidences, dating back ever since 2000. 18 years have passed ever since.  (1+ 8 = 9 ) Yes, it is. Nine It is.  And I am 36 y.o. (1+ 8 = 9 ).


You and I, we have been dancing for so long and it is high time we wrapped it up, before long, once and for all.

Thus, since it is officially the month of wishes, I have made a wish and I did beg of Rabna ta3ala, our dearest Friend, God Almighty to have the arrow of the Light upon Light propelled. For you have been in the door ever since 2009.  (2+9 = 11) Yes, it is.  Eleven it is. I was born on the 11that 11:00 o’clock.

 Either enter or exit. You have been stuck. How about you unlocked Yourself? 

The Gate
In 2000, when I filled in the form to register for the faculty exam with the University of Bucharest, I marked also Turkish after French and Arabic. 
 True, I startled, I did. And yet who would have guessed, who would have known I’d become a student with the Turkish department? That Turkish would become my Major…?
Aya Sofya gece vakti _ Damascene Rose

My God, I remember I couldn’t refrain from laughing my heart out whenever I had to say “merhaba” instead of saying “mar7aba”.  It was as if I spoke  Arabic with a French accent. So eventually, hocam, our professor urged me to say just “meraba”, thus ruling out the letter h. It was really complicated and difficult at the beginning.

It took me about 3 years, to pick up the system of the Turkish language, which is agglutinative. As such, it is a cumulus of suffixes attached to a root word and where the verb is at the end of the sentence.  It is different and totally opposite to all the other languages I speak.
agac – Damascene Rose

My first encounter with the Bosphorus took place in 2003 when I was a student with TOMER via a scholarship offered by the University of Bucharest based upon the bilateral agreement between Romania and Turkey.

The funny side of this story is that upon seeing the Bosphorus, I did fall in love with it and with the amazing city of Istanbul. However, I had no idea  5 years later I would come back to live in it.

Ever since, many people have thought I had learned Turkish for the sake of a man. It wasn’t the case, and yet, I haven’t been asked that for people always know better and therefore,  need not ask. Most often than not, they are omniscient.

Since the dough I had followed in 2009 (Nine it is. 2+9 =11 eleven that is. Indeed it is.) turned out to be quite rotten to its deepest essence, I started having issues with You, my dearest and I returned back home to Bucharest.  I did my best to lock you down, just like an old palace gate. But You have kept following me. The more I rejected You and the family of the guarding souls, the more you clung to me.  The harder I tried to shut the door to your face, the easier you sneaked and made your entrance. For destiny has it that I have always been cherished and protected by your people.

The Bosphorus – Damascene Rose

Seven years passed till I decided I wanted to see You again. In the sense that I wasn’t sent on a business trip, I bought my own ticket and wanted to make sure I had completely unlocked myself.  Which I truly did. I have never felt better in my own skin.

It is only then that I could revert to our beginnings and embrace your beauty and grandeur, dearest Bosphorus. For the family of primitive and twisted-minded liars have generated a kind of abhorrent sense in me,  that determined me to reject You for years. Although your beauty had nothing to do with their pus.  It was a reactive impulse. What’s gone, begone.

I Love You now, I do.

All that cleared away, another miracle happened by your very side. I was sitting in the restaurant watching You when a water lily made his entrance through the door.  Out of the swamp, the water lily popped up, became visible to my eyes. Upon seeing him, recognizing him, shattering waves of Love flooded the channels of my soul giving me back to myself and erasing any kind of war scarces I might have still had. So intense a moment it was that the Big Bang revived and reshaped my heart in her entirety. Dear God, is this my destiny? I’d say not. And still. I haven’t received Your call yet. I am in the phone booth, awaiting it, and the year is not over yet.  Nobody has ever trembled for me such as the water lily did. Ever. And the best is yet to come.

Istanbul – Damascene Rose

One year later, namely this year, I decided to leave Bucharest and explore the world for wider, more challenging and beautiful opportunities. For my soul has  been in search of something totally different.  Something I haven't been able to find here, for home is where your heart is.  I must feel it, right here.

Consequently, this post is personal.

And  I do wish you to get OUT or IN.

Being stuck on my door hasn’t been pleasant at all.

And since time has taken its toll and the pieces are falling into place, I’d love it for you to also fall in the wherever is your place assigned by the Divine.

My Way Istanbul – Damascene Rose. On true Love.  On Heritage. On Life stories.

Otherwise, I love You, City of Energy, City of Life, I do.

And I will always love it to transit or visit You.  Tell me, what could it be better than a coffee with a view, my dear dost?

Abdüllah! Kahvem nerede, Abdüllah!!!

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