It’s His Birthday Today …

Damascene Rose Blog
Damascene Rose Blog
În om e un șir nesfârșit de oameni.
In one man there are endless raws of humans.
                            Mihai Eminescu

It's His Birthday Today

My dearest Pearl’s Life Journey began today,

Some while ago,

İn the very heart of the capital of Jasmine...

A passionate Damascene,

A tumult of Life’s essence itself,

In Love with Beauty

From his blue-eyed Hollywood star-like beautiful wife,

To the amazing concerts held within the halls of the Romanian Athenaeum …

From the delicious cuisine of his mother town,

To the traditional Romanian music of Irina Loghin and Gheorghe Zamfir …

From the first day of the New Year’s Concert broadcast from Wien,

Hasta el perfume de la Rosa

Quien me lo puede regalar, quien?

A deeply loving heart,
A sensitive sense of the
never tear us apart


The solid rock that is to stand on,

Amidst the Tempest of all of the rivers' fall,

As deep as the ocean,

A steady rock,

A Damascene Rose boat

to always keep me afloat,

And I shall enjoy You,

Dear Life,

To your very fullest,

For it’s the very joie de vivre

Springing from his veins

It’s the Damascene fire,
Courtesy of the flower


If it hadn’t been for him,

I wouldn’t have had the Garden of Roses

only very rich people have, nowadays;

If it hadn’t been for him,

I wouldn’t have known how deeply a man

could ever love his wife, his blue-eyed…

hadn't it been for him,

I wouldn’t have inherited

the  legacy of the family

spreading to centuries and centuries back …

Damascene Rose
Some hundreds of years ago,
In one of the colorful and  exquisite palaces of the Ottoman Empire:
‘My Sultan, how many swords
shall I have manufactured for our expedition?‘
‘Vizier, as I have already ordered you, fetch me swords of the finest Damascene steel!
Our soldiers are to use the Damascene swords.’
‘Your wish is my command.’

And he bows and tries to earn and learn the secret

of the Damask steel,

To this day unknown,

For it’s a secret that has never ever left the boundaries of their Home,

A secret only to the family known,

And it hasn’t reached the Light of the Day

Seek and you shall find,

For it is He,

The utmost gentleman,

Who has uncovered the secrets of

our very essence,

In the realm of the Damascene Rose,

Of the true Love, Heritage and authentic Life stories

And to you, I pledge my eternal Love,

And thankful I am to be your Rose,

My dearest Damascene Rose...

 I. Your daughter.


All aboard. Our ship is setting sail.  

Ship _ Damascene Rose

Word to My Mother @Damascus

Photo Credit: Pinterest, Damascus, My Pearl

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