Take Me To The Shore, Take Me Home

Home -Damascene Rose
What if my petals were too colorful,
 would you still find joy in them?
 What if my thorns were just a gate
    which leads to the essence of my citadel?           
Would you embrace my being,
had you known my very true colors?



Take Me to The Shore, Take Me Home

Abdüllah, thank you.  The coffee tastes quite delicious!


And it so follows that Istanbul had answered her call.

It had crossed her way again as she approached the grand finale of her life, and the very beginning of everything.

Istanbul was to give her something for sure. One more time.  One more final time, before the story was to unlock.

It had been her city of adoption for so long.  Yes. No other city could ever take the place of her mother source.  Ever.  As the saying goes never say “ever”.

Who knows what will be crossing your path when you expect it the very least ever?

It all started here.

All the answers have been received here.

And since it was the becoming of nine and 9 marks the end of a cycle, all of the responses were to be sealed, right over here.

Whenever in doubt, she’d turn to you.

If not, God will have her turn to you, to receive the Light.

Light Upon Light


For there is something about You, amazing City of  Lights, City of the Bosphorus.
Maybe, after all, one is to be Lost in Istanbul in order to find themselves once again. And she did lose herself here, in 2009, in order to come back a brand new person, 10 years later.  The person she really was. For she’d known her essence all along. And she’d clung hard, very hard to it.
She was passing by with a reason and yet, she had no clue which it was. Or maybe somewhere, in the depth of the orifices of her being, she felt something was coming her way.

The war was over. And so was the fight for survival.

Thank God I can finally breathe. Inhale. Exhale.
I can finally live.
 I have made it to the shore. 

Prisoner of her own destiny, she had to create a path out of all the impediments on the way. There was only one way out and no matter the odds, she had to sneak through it. As tight as it was, she was to make it.  Destiny had called upon the threshold of her door at 11:11.  Succeeding had been her one and only choice.

As soon as she reached the shore, she started walking by the Bosphorus. Her feet couldn’t stop. And she walked, and she walked, and she walked, inhaling all of the happiness and oxygen her lungs could contain, without exploding.

"I have made it. I have. Seagulls, let's do the el flamenco. Dance with me, will ya? Now that I am free. As free as a seagull in Istanbul."

For happiness tasted so free.  And freedom was the sweetest taste of them all.

Every cell of the free spirit was nourished with the fragrant essence of Life.

“What were you thinking of? How could you think of racing with the Bosphorus?” her mother asked.

“Mom, I swear I don’t know how time passed.

I started my walk from Tarabya and I kept following the line of the Bosphorus.

My feet wouldn’t stop.  They kept going and this is how I found myself in ArnavutKöy. I had forgotten its location. I last visited it in 2003.


Anyway, it’s like I am making the acquaintance of a brand new city.  The reflection of what one sees depends on the core of their being, I guess.”

Me feet couldn't stop - Damascene Rose
She walked 20 kilometers in the guidance of the tumultuous Bosphorus

Just like the darkest hour before dawn, she was suffocated in that bottle till she couldn’t breathe anymore. And when God knew she would implode unless the Divine Grace intervened, she was sent back to where it all started to mark the beginning of a new cycle.

From 2009 to 2019 time flew.

And it was as if she had left her hometown yesterday, at the age of nine.

That ‘s what it’s all about.

Being present in the very now.

Being true to your essence here and now.

The best part about being a genuine Damascene is that you don’t live any cultural clash since Damascus, by God’s mercy, is at the very center of the West and East.  You just be yourself.

So she kept walking. Deep in her heart, she knew she’d be home soon. In the meanwhile, she was enjoying every little second of the ride …

Damascus – Oasis of Balance, Oasis of Roses

And I shall forever and always speak the truth of You, the countless stories of your 1001 petals.

For you have given me the very best first nine years of my Life, my dearest Damascene Rose …

 “Ciao, bella! Enjoy the ride.

 Chin up.




Abdüllah, thank you so much. That would be all for now.
 For the time being, I won’t be having anything else… except for the essence so that I'll be able to write the Book
Rosa en mi alma - Damascene Rose
Rosa en mi alma - Damascene Rose

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