How Do I Feel… Without You?

RED - Damascene Rose

How Do I Feel ...Without You?

The Divine Inspiration

My Tara - My Garden of Roses -My Damascene Rose

I’ll be sitting right over here waiting for You,

Each petal shall mark a chapter of Damascene Rose the Book,

The more I look at you,

The more I connect to the Story,

For I have been having flashes of the Book,

Of the Chapters to become,

Petals of the Crown Rose

A Crown of the Heart,

To embrace through thick and thin …

How do I breathe, my dearest Rose?

How do I?

Leann Rimes “in my ears”,

The song says:

How do I get through one day without You …

And III, Oh baby I’d be lost if I lost you,

If you ever leave…


And you won’t leave,

You can’t leave,

Engraved to the Soul,  You Are


Crimson Heart – Damascene Rose

“And tell me now:

How do I live,

How do I breathe,

How do I eveeeerrrrr ….?"

How do I breathe, your Perfume, your Story?


A Lighthouse to the soul,

A Light to the Mind,

The flame,

The passion,

The fires of your heart…


"It’s the time you spend on your Rose that makes her so special",
Says it best Antoine Saint-Exupery


And guess what? automatically passes on to the Rose,

Leann Rimes is going to sing “the Rose” …

As we speak


And I am waiting impatiently patient,

My dearest …

Pirouetting my way till the Universe

Manifests The Will,

God Willing, I have always received The Guidance

And I feel it, right over here,

How do I feel without You?


And Mevlana says:

“It was not ye who shot, but God shot; and those arrows were God’s not yours”.
‘Tis God’s light that illumines the senses’ light,”

"And, Who is Thy Rose?"

"It is that space full of petals within,

To revert to so that you Feel

Or Just Be with the 1001 petals of the Rose."

"Imagine that!"


How do I breathe without you …

The song goes on in one more story,

And goes on, and on,

I am having an earworm

Tell me:

"How do I feel? Without You ...

My World, my Muse, my All"

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