I Am Wearing You … Jasmine

Jasmine _Damascene Rose

Under the shower,

I can smell the white flower,

Beneath the water,

Beneath the shower blister

It seems I am wearing you… essence of Jasmine


The water is falling down my shoulders,

In a multitude of effervescent drops,

just like a waterfall,

Drop by drop, on my neck,

And I can feel ... the essence of Jasmine


I have sprayed it hours ago,

In the morning,

And it lasted till evening,

How could it not?

I am wearing you… essence of Jasmine


My father bears you in his soul,

I, instead, in my memory and now, on my neck…

As she walked from the Egyptian Bazaar towards the Sirkeci Station, she had no idea she would embark on a voyage to the realm of the City of Jasmine. Not any Jasmine, but the Damascene Jasmine. She was having her favorite coffee at the famous Turkish Dondurmacı the famous ice cream seller, inhaling the vapors of the mastic coffee aroma. She looked through the window and the view of the train station Sirkeci presented itself to the eye. As she gazed at it, she realized she was herself a passenger at the very crossroads of her life.

Although she had no idea whether she’d step on a ship, plane or car to make the next move, she was at peace and she was enjoying the moment of Now. For she was accustomed to the pieces of her puzzle by now. When one piece alone was to fall into place, the entire picture was to become crystal clear. And that piece has begun settling in its very right place as of December 2018.

Yasmin Al Shami

She had been imagining this dream of hers ever since she had left her mother Damascus at the age of 9. And it was the year of 2019. She had one sip of the coffee, indulged the tasteful Turkish Delight and just like the passengers who were to get on the ship soon, she was to step into the heaven of essences owned by a Syrian.

The Vanilla Rose essence she had tried to test its quality proved to be quite persistent. And it surely smelled fantastic. So she was looking forward to entering the Heaven of Essences and Perfumes produced with the expertise of the mother source - Damascus.

Upon entering the shop, she came across the owner of the shop.

„Good day!”

„Good day!”

„I have tried the vanilla and rose perfume. And I have loved it. I’d like to try the Damascene jasmine one too.”

As soon as the seller sprayed the Jasmine perfume on the back of her wrist, she just couldn’t believe to her senses.

„OMG!!!  You were so right to write Yasmin Shami on the bottle. It is identical, just like a Jasmine tree from Home.”

„Yes, of course. There are two types of  Jasmine, the white one and the yellow one. This is the white one. The essences you are indulging are produced by us, with our own expertise."

I have tried the Jasmine essences and perfumes of most of the renowned international brands, you name them: Molinard, the Prive Collection, the so on and so forth. I have only mentioned La Maison Molinard because of my favorite perfume which is produced by them. However, when it comes to the essences and the smell, well, my dearest, I have an eternal crush for the essences of the Orient.

Indeed, I am a layman in terms of perfume production, and yet, my nose surely is acquainted with the smell of Damascus and that, my dearest, is unique. It's been very difficult to find this essence because most of the jasmine essences smell quite strong and become intolerable, according to my taste, of course.

“Make them two, please. Two bottles of Damascene Jasmine. Summer is around the corner and I want to welcome the season how it becomes it best, with the smell of Home.”

Right under the shower blister,

The water fell on her shoulder,

Her skin smelled like genuine jasmine

For sure

The Smell of the Capital of Jasmine ...
1001_ Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest & Damascene Rose

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