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I See Red – Passionate Crimson Red

I decided to start my day in the neighborhood of Levent.  I love the square in the middle.  It is surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops. You can just sit on one of the benches and admire the pigeons.  Absent-mindedly look at the passers-by and imagine their stories.  Or just delve into your own thoughts or into the bubbles of a Turkish coffee and recount, not the memories of forty years a coffee bears – as the proverb has it, but a blissful 23rd of April in the very heart of Istanbul. And I see Red. Passionate Crimson Red.


Rose and the Bosphorus – Damascene Rose

When I reached the Levent square I could sense tranquility. The feast atmosphere was all over the place.  All the shops adorned the red Turkish flag in celebration of the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

I have always admired the respect the Turkish people have for their flag, fluttering its redness in the sky, clean and shiny.  Respect for one’s being, for oneself, is very important.

Parents, hand in hand with their children, were entering the coffee shop to have brunch or just spend time together. I indulged the story and the coffee which was by far the most “köpüklü” coffee ever. It's as if it said: "all eyes on me".

Coffee Cup Turkey – Damascene Rose
First, I stopped at the Trinity Church and admired its beauty.  The church was closed for prayer,  and yet, at the entrance, one could light a candle - Light for Peace, Light for Bliss.

"When does the sermon for  Easter begin?”

"It begins on Saturday at 11 o’clock pm.”

The Trinity Church-Taksim -Damascene Rose

"And how does the sermon proceed here in Istanbul? Does the priest step out of the church to bring out the „light” to all the sermon attendees?”

"No. There is only a sermon inside the church.”

"In Romania the procession is different. That’s why I asked you about it. It starts with the very moment the priest steps out of the church bringing the symbolic Light.

„Well, there will also be a sermon on Sunday at 11:00  o’clock at the Holy Mary Church.”

"Will you please tell me where is the Holy Mary Church?”

„Go down the Beyoğlu Avenue. It is very close  to the Galatasaray Highschool.”

"Ok, Sir. Thank you for your kindness.”

And off I was on my way.

„Excuse me, Sir, where’s the Saint Mary Church, please?”

"There is no such church. If you keep on going you’ll find the Saint Antoine Church."

Yes indeed. Here it is. The Catholic Church. Oh, gush! It’s all wrapped in something similar to white bed linen. I believe it’s being renovated.

And then, upon looking to the right, here she was. At the depth of the street, there was a beautiful church rising.  I made my way towards the church. The narrow street was full of cozy and picturesque coffee shops. This looks pretty good: coffee prepared on the hot sand.  Oh, boy! This is a lovely upgrade ...

Coffee on hot sand – Damascene Rose

When I exit the church, I will sit right over here and write the story.

And she had no idea, that while she would be writing the story by the coffee prepared in the hot sand, a man would come running down this alley leading to the church. I mean the „run, run for your Life kinda run”, followed by two men.

The third one  followed in a walking pace and addressed one of the employees of the coffee shop:

„You could have made use of your leg to stop him!”

And the guy kept silent. Another employee said: „He can’t be running far away. There is no way out!"

The two men running after the man with the yellow blouse were policemen. And they had gotten him. I looked at the now prisoner of the police’s face and all I could see was fear, I guess. I wonder what was his crime.

„He must be a thief!”

„He’s a thief for sure”, said another person.

And yet, how could we know?

We can just try to guess his story.
Stairs – Damascene Rose
Climb up the stairs. Discover the Church.
It’s the Great Week before the Holy Easter and I’ve felt the urge to light a candle.
I lit two. One before. And now one here, in this beautiful church called Mary – my favorite name of all times.  Maria. Mariam. Meryem. Marie. It’s simply beautiful in all of its variants.
Church bun – Damascene Rose
Holy Mary Church – Istanbul – Damascene Rose


 There are no paths,

Paths are made,

By walking.

- Australian Aboriginal Saying


Ever since last June, an immense wave of synchronicities had begun erupting in my Life. Two churches. Two incidents. Lovely weather. And synchronicities. Amazing, God-given synchronicities ...
Discover the journey. Step into the new. Jump into the cycle of the change. Dare to uncover the mysteries of the soul. Look for that inner Light inside.  Just like candlelight. The Light Upon Light.  The heart that candles the Light.
candlelight – Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest & Damascene Rose

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