All the LOVE and FOOD to the Children of the World, in Syria, in Yemen, everywhere …


All the LOVE and FOOD to the Children of the World, in Syria, in Yemen, everywhere ...

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu

My father’s family has got an innate love for children, on all of its branches. It runs through their veins. They are affectionate and loving. I feel grandma – tete, their mom was a very special woman. I didn’t get to meet her.  I just feel it – right over here. There must be an invisible thread that ties grandchildren to their grandparents; it feels like a connection for life. And their children resemble her, have inherited both her “heart” and the “way to love”.

Genes might speak much more intensely than one could imagine.

All of the members of his family are born and raised in the traditionalist neighborhood of Al Midan. And yes, although most of our cousins wear the veil, my uncles have hugged their daughters with affection and tenderness. In all of our pictures in Damascus, baba is hugging us all.

Who would have imagined Damascene Arabs could be so affectionate?  How exotic !!!


The other day, I kindly asked my father to hold my soles for a tiny bit. I needed it because I have been having huge energy shifts since I have uplifted my vibration high, high up to the sky. I was stricken by the intensity of his vibration.

So if I had to describe my father, my dearest “Damascene camel”, in a few words it would be - the ocean-deep loving heart. Words cannot express enough how lucky I am to be my father’s daughter.



A loving heart is the highest vibration of them all.

It has the highest frequency ...

Whenever my dear uncle talks to me, I feel his heart beating - right over here. There is no distance apart. Whenever my father looks at me, rays of Love embrace me, layer by layer. There is no person alone who has loved me as my father has. I have been blessed with moments of Love, but not that Love …yet.  It’s on the way. I feel it - right over here. I’ll just BE and SEE what happens.

And if I was borne in Love, I should give away even more Love, shouldn’t I?

“Mom is a Blessing No One Can Replace”, says an Instagram photo.

And so is LOVE. And so is FOOD.  This is what our Mother Sources, mother countries, Mother Earth should be able to provide us when there’s so much of it, right? Unfortunately, there are always collateral victims in this endless race to having more, to possessing more – our children, the Children of the Universe

The Human has been possessed by the want of MORE!

“Give me more of that. I’ll have it all!”

“What about the Children of the World, I beg of you?

What about the innocent Children of the World?”

I have been thinking of this post for the past 3 months. And it is now that the time has come for me to express my feelings on the subject, in two phases.  I couldn’t write it all at once. It may not be much. Nevertheless, to me, doing absolutely nothing would mean sheer indifference. The fact that it is only now that I am pouring my love out, does not mean that I haven’t thought of you,  of late.  It’s just that it’s time!

I believe it is totally outrageous to have children of the world starve, be subject to famine in the 3rd Millennium. Don’t you? Our planet has enough resources for us all.  If used wisely, it would suffice us all.

And I haven’t searched for or reached out for statistics. I don’t need to. There are hungry children out there. In Yemen. In Syria. In Madagascar. In so many places and countries all over the globe.

Mahatma Ghandi – Damascene Rose

Reaching out for the Light upon Light

It is the Holy Month of Ramadan. And the Muslim governments haven’t been able – or you name it, to hinder, to stop the offensive on innocent civilians in Syria, on halting the starvation in Yemen…

To me, this is the biggest contradiction. And you call yourself a Muslim… The first verse of the Holy Quran both emanates and exhales the spirit of peace, it reads: "In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate." Moreover, the root of the word Islam refers to "making peace, being in a mutually peaceful environment, finding peace, reaching salvation and well being or being far from danger, attaining goodness, keeping away from troubles and disasters, submitting the self and obeying, being far from wrong.

"Islam" as either a noun or a verb with these meanings is mentioned in many verses in the Holy Qur'an. [1]

Ya Rab – Damascene Rose

Love upon Love

We’ve been infected with a sense of unextinguishable selfishness. And I ask you, dear Human when have we become so primitive? Isn’t selfishness a type of primitiveness? Why can’t we be humane?


The Light of the Innocence

Istanbul, LEVENT, March, 2019

As she enjoyed the sunny rays of a beautiful spring day in the City of Energy, City of Vibe, a young lady approached her.

“Abla, can you buy me food?”

“Of course, sweetie! What would you like to eat?”

“ Köfte. I want köfte - Tukish meatballs.”

“Right away. Ok, please take a seat at that table and I’ll ask one of the abis to serve you at once.”

“My dear, are you Syrian?”

“No. I am not Syrian. I am Turkish.”

“Can she also have a coke?” one of the waiters asked.

“Yes, of course, please serve her with whatever her stomach desires. It’s on me. Gladly. My only kind request is that she has her meal here. Right over here.“

“Abla, I am taking this with me.”

“No, habibti! We have mutually agreed you are eating here.” And her mind goes like you are not taking food to the grown-ups who should be taking care of you. Grown-ups are to take care of you, “Child of the Universe”, not the other way round.”

And the story has it, that this year has been about great synchronicities manifesting with the accuracy of a German clock.
Child – Damascene Rose Blog

One month later

Istanbul, LEVENT - April 2019

While she was sitting on a bench in the Levent Square, the same girl approached her.

“Abla, I am hungry! There is a new pizza shop over there. Will you buy me food?”

“Good day, sweetie. Of course! Let’s go, let’s go. May I ask you a few questions?”


“Do you remember me?”


“Where are your parents?”

“Mom sells chocolate and father is in jail.”

“Why did you choose me? Why did you come to me?” and she thanked the Heavens for being granted the opportunity to be of little help again.


“Come, let’s go get you that pizza!”

Upon reaching the pizza shop, they saw a team making preparations for the opening of the new restaurant. However, the way they looked at them both was exceptional. The astonishment in their eyes spoke a million. It was like blue-eyed aliens had parked their space ship in the very heart of the pizza shop.

“Good day!”

“Good day! We are still making related preparations. Our shop is not open yet."

So you see she is a child, neglected by appearance, with a complexion darker than that of the foreigner and still, you are astonished by the fact that a foreigner is buying her food.  Moreover, you are not stricken by the fact that she’s hungry, but by the fact that a non-Turkish is buying food to a child? And the child happens to be Turkish. You have recognized me, ‘cause I come here from time to time.  Eyes wide open, you are trying to comprehend what’s going on. So I ask you, what are you looking at? You find that miraculous? Do you no longer know what Love is? I gather it’s a look of panic.

Don’t panic
It’s “humanic”
“And why are you writing all that? You think you’re doing good when you brag about helping other people?”
“ Firstly, they are not other people. They’re the children of the world. And we are all responsible for them.  Secondly, I believe nowadays we should be screaming from the top of our lungs when we “commit deeds of kindness” so that we transform it into something fashionable.   We all need more of that. The world at large needs more of that. It’s ok to brag about buying a Chanel or emeralds, but it is not Ok to TELL and RECOUNT that there are hungry children out there!?!”
It’s EN VOGUE, baby!

Last and definitely not least, it’s a true story.  Not inspired by true facts, but a true story.


“Oh, dearest Child of Yemen, I mean look at her! What’s in it for her? Is she bored with life? Another phony trying to change the world? A dreamer, perhaps.  Switching from first to third person narrative with a blink of an eye. One moment she dialogues, the other she does pirouettes acting like a wannabe activist. ”
 “Yes indeed. I don’t know how it feels to starve out of lack of food and drinkable water. I am praying for you, I am. Still, I can assure you, I know how it feels to be emotionally orphaned by a narcissist mother.  I have starved for years, out of lack of Love. And the thing is you are connected to your mom by the umbilical cord. There is nothing you can do about it. Negotiations would be led for a sip of Love.  That’s why I wouldn’t let her in.  She could have taken hold of all the oxygen in my lungs with her octopus tentacles. My personal development has been stunted. Often times, my brain has gone dry turning into a skeleton.  You see the brain also needs food: maternal Love.  I have been tormented by this draught for years. 
And this has activated what they call in psychology “my inner mother”. The connection to my roots in Damascus, the Garden of Roses and her water have kept me afloat until the moment of magic – the Miracle of the Water Lily.

One moment of genuine Love can act as a painkiller.  All the bruises on your soul miraculously vanish. Just like that! When you see that someone enjoys the moment of you and trembles for being granted time with you,  it just resets your system, entirely. Until this happens, you are starving in the land of the Desert Rose.  As Belle puts it “there must be more than this provincial life”. 

So what if one moment of kindness added up, just like the petals of the rose and we helped jointly to rescue this outrageous famine, out there? Maybe one miracle alone could help the situation, us, humanity – at large.

So you know what I am gonna do next? I am gonna do El Flamenco and try to manifest some vibrations to urge the world to vibrate and care more. I don’t know much, but I know I have to: 

Dance El Flamenco for You,

I would

I ‘d flamenco the golpe, planta, tacon,

I would

With true Love. A dance of Oral Heritage and Humanity

Transcending any imaginable, racial or inter-you name it, barriers

I embrace you All

I do

Manifesting against the Famine in the World,

I am

Standing alone amidst the storm,

I am

Bailando El Flamenco

Para convertirlo en amor

Por El Amor de Dios

Me hablas de hambre en 2019

Donde esta la humanidad,  hombre?

Para que?

Es que hay que transformar todo eso

En algo mejor

En comida y un futuro bueno para los hijos  del Mundo

Como podemos hablar del presente?

Come podemos  imaginarnos un futuro, si tenemos hambre?

No sea si indiferente

Me entiendes, hombre (politico)?

Es que hacen algo,









Humane humanity, embrace us now!

Never let go …

Alhamdulillah – Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest

[1] 26 June 2019 – 10:25

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