The Visit of HH Pope Francis to Bucharest Today As Seen Through My Eyes

His Holiness - Pope Francis

The Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Bucharest Today as Seen Through My Eyes

Oh, what a Presence!

Oh, what a Speech!

Who am I to say anything about how the day unfolded?

I am pouring out my feelings.

Today, Love and Humbleness transcended the TV screen.

Today has been about Unity. The sidewalks were full of us, Romanians, on the route of His Holiness … looking forward to seeing Him. We all did come to see Him, his “Light”.

And I’ve witnessed a sense of unity and love I haven’t seen /felt so intensely in Bucharest since the death of His Majesty King Micheal I.

Today has been about listening.

Not hearing, but listening, for real, with the inner ear.

And I have heard a Vibrating and Loving Soul.

And I have felt Love. It was as if petals of Love flew all over Bucharest, uplifting the vibration high, high above the skies, to the unseen.

For it is the inner ear that clearly sees and hears the whispers of the soul, isn’t it?

It is deep. An Ocean of beautiful discoveries of Oneself and the Collective Self!

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“Return to the soul of your own people,” urged His Holiness Pope Francis.

This is divine timing, right after the EU Parliamentary Elections which have set the internal political matters on fire. May this remarkable timing be an enlightening moment for the NOW and the future NOW of Romania!

Today, important members of the incumbent political parties and His Excellency the President of Romania have had to sit, side by side, and put aside any kind of discord or plans to grasp more power - pardon my frankness, and LISTEN.

For the Love of God, LISTEN and you shall HEAR! the reverberations of the feeling urged me to write.

The vibration of Bucharest has increased significantly.

The presence of One Heart alone – the Heart of His Holiness Pope Francis raised the vibration of the city.

For there were currents of Love flooding the Capital of Bucharest with petals of Mirth and Blissfulness.

As a natural empath, I could sense it in the air. Magically.

Oh, haven't you? We all have...

Petals of Magic spreading with the Presence of His Holiness.

“... it is necessary for your soul to grow beautifully, too,” His Holiness urged us.

A true Inspiration

The Heart with “The Beat”

A Sheer Lesson of Modesty

The Light of and for Humanity

The Royal Wedding _ Damascene Rose - Blog

“Romania is the Garden of Holy Mary,”

said His Holiness Pope Francis

And just like the garden needs to be taken care of every day, so is the Soul.

Nurturing the Soul with positivity and love can generate wonders, if not Miracles, and even healing. Genuine and utmost healing. And I have felt my soul was being hugged. For Kindness is Magic. And Magic is Godly and Heavenly, Your Holiness.

Thank You, Your Holiness Pope Francis, for an amazing lesson on Love, Modesty, Simplicity, and Everything. My heart feels utmost gratefulness for having witnessed and felt  Your Presence in the “Romanian space”. So much Divine Beauty and Grace …

“Holy Mary protect Romania"

"God bless Romania”

blessed His Holiness

Pope Francis

my beautiful country

Thank You, Your Holiness, for today!

Thank You, Your Holiness, for the rays of Light and Sunshine!

I surely felt Home … in the very heart of the Garden of Roses.  

God willing, I am about to enter it soon. Very soon. 

I feel it, right over here 


The Flag of the Vatican _ Damascene Rose

"I kindly ask you to pray for me too,"

said His Holiness.


"Dear God / Rabbi,
I pray for His Holiness Pope Francis for Health, "Light upon Light" and Sunshine. 
I pray that his Mercy and Kindness be bestowed on as many people as possible, especially those in need of Love and Caress. So I pray for Our Collective Soul.
I pray that I will be perseverent in praying for Him as often as possible.
Thank you, God. I am so grateful. Thank you, God, for this amazing day and unique experience.
Maria – Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest and Damascene Rose

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