Listen to me, Damascus – Damascene Rose
It’s there …
LISTEN to your inner WORLD
And you shall discover.
What’s in?
LISTEN and you will hear
The songs of your beat,
The heartbeat,
I’ll develop in a bit
Barefoot or flamenco shoes on,
I have felt You,
I have visualized You,
I have stepped on your…
Heavenly Earth
God is my witness,
I have felt You all evening long
It’s like I was there…
Running barefoot in your Heart
Can you believe it?
Do you see what’s happening?
Listen to me, Damascus – Damascene Rose

Keep the Faith

I was running, hair in the air, in the Garden of Roses in Al Jazeera 5.

It all came back to me as if it were yesterday. Only, it wasn’t yesterday. It was Now.

The very Here.


I am pirouetting my long silky skirt in the rays of your sun and dancing my way in the grass. I see myself smile and happily embrace every single ray of yours.

I’ve lived the whisper of you, Damascus.
And if I could visualize, feel this, it means I am really Home.
It is so real as if I were back Home.
I looked inside,
And there were only valleys of Light
I have searched and scrutinized,
You were all I could find
Thank God!
I am back to You.


I turned left and took the stairs up to Mashroo3 Dummar.

And I kept going till I reached Al Jazeera 10 – the Tenth Island.

“Hello, my dearest Turtle,

You are still here!

I knew it. I knew you would wait for me!

Let’s go out to search the surroundings.”

And I found myself “landing” on the terrace of our villa, in the district of villas, where Sinan -  the sheep to be sacrificed for 3ID AL AD7a - the Holy Feast of the Sacrifice spent the last days of his life.

“Tears I had cried when “they” took you away from us! If you only knew Sinan, if you only knew. After one week spent with you, I had grown quite fond of you.

Oh, do you remember the dry Arabic bread I’d serve you and watch you eat it?

The thing is I named both you and the turtle Sinan. I may be mistaken, but so I do recall now."

What an Oriental exotic house… and the terrace was all mine, to dance my way from one side to the other, pirouette after pirouette and all I can see is your sun caressing me anon. The district of the villas is to be described in the book according to my remembrance. For now, I shall indulge the feeling of You and your sunlight.

And I didn’t have a clue, not even the slightest idea that I would be taking up Flamenco classes, one day.

My destiny was sealed that day.
On the 11that 11:00 year 11.
I felt it – right over here.
It all started – right over here.
El Flamenco – Damascene Rose
"Why is it you keep going back to Damascus?"
"I don't have to go back. She is Here. Always. I have felt Her.
That image came to me. Damascus had me visit Her, God
willing. Besides, Miracles do happen in Dimashq. And I am
looking forward to the Miracle to come. "
"How do you know?"
"I just do. And I am awaiting some answers, clues by or on 11:11:11... Call me crazy, that's when my New Year begins. And I gotta plan and create... I am going with the flow. And She's here, with me."

LOVE Begins in Damascus

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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