I Do Believe in the Winds of Change. I DO.

Ya Rab – Damascene Rose

I Do Believe in the Winds of Change. I DO.


This post represents a preamble to the one to follow, on my eternal Love for Children, for the Children of Sunshine. The Children of the World are Our Children and we are all –every single one of us responsible for them.

Blood and Indifference on your hands, dear Human! 

There shouldn’t exist famine and lack of love in the 3rd Millennium, dear Human!

Our planet has got enough resources for all the children of the world, hasn’t it?

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And whilst she was applying to NGOs last year, willing to relocate, one of the motivating personal statements she wrote “sounded” like this. Upon rereading it, she thought it was worth sharing, with some additional notes. As the saying goes, sharing is caring:

"I am embracing this opportunity for I do believe in the winds of change.

I would love to bring my contribution to the future of humanity and subsequently, of the world. This is precisely the reason why I am applying for this job. To me, it would be a leap forward. I have personally promoted solutions for a better and healthier lifestyle in Romania. Why not widen up a bit more, contribute and help humanity?

When love is the way, the faith of the heart overcomes any hindrance in its way.

And it is so, that when I looked at that food intolerance kit, I said to myself: I am going to generate sales that I did. At the end of 2010, the concept of food intolerance was totally unknown in our market in Romania. Our team had come up with a related solution from Istanbul. The managing director of the PR agency our team collaborated with, told me that it was as if we wanted to sell airplanes. The test cost 399 EUR which for the Romanian market still is expensive. If then the concept was not much known, today all the major players of food intolerance are present on our market and one could say, that I have led the team and created the system which pioneered the development of the market of preventive medicine in Romania. This is how the concept of Amira's came to life. So it is only my passion for the concept of a healthier life via personalized solutions, for marketing, for everything I have created and believed in, that has made it possible for me to set up Amira's - The Well-being Hub. Prevention. Health. Beauty in Romania.

Sunflower – Damascene Rose

When love is the way, all differences of race, nation, and religion melt away.

My parents are living proof of it. Their love for each other is strong to this day despite their belonging to different races. And we have been raised as such. Our house has been like a temple. What matters is your heart, your essence, being a good person, a good human being. I guess this is precisely the reason for me being a hybrid hub. I have friends and business partners all over the world (Australia, USA, Spain...).

I do believe in love, I do. I believe in humanity, I do. And I believe in the winds of change. With all the resources of the planet, the "man of the cave" is still fighting everyone. There is a famine. And there is war, unfortunately. I just had to do something. I had to create Damascene Rose. If I cannot hug "the children of the universe" - as the prophetical Khalil Gibran states, then I must send them my utmost love in a Damascene Rose. Also, I just had to make known the vibrant heritage of the Capital City of the Jasmine - Damascus, which has granted us a fairy-tale like childhood. All the children of the world must have a beautiful childhood. It is the basis of their future, the future of humanity itself.

My personal speech and executive profiling triggered the sales of the first boutique clinic I set in Bucharest. I have been involved in the entire process: the educational campaign regarding the concept of food intolerance, appearances in the media, the production of the related TV spots, all of it. Thus, I do abide by the map of my food intolerances - I rule out the foods which are not good for my body, most of the time I prepare gluten and yeast free bread at home ... I walk a lot and I work out. Also, another example would be that I have taken good care -  hopefully, of my two family members with chronic diseases. “Be the human you aspire to be” has been my personal guiding motto!"

Now is the time. Now is a perfect time.
Love. Utter words of kindness.
Raise the vibration, worldwide



All My Love for the

for the children of the world!

Hopeful Rose – Damascene Rose

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