Blue – I see You – Damascene Rose

I have waltzed with infinite nuances of the sea,

Waves of turquoise, emerald,


The sky in you, the heart of you,

Reflected in your core,

Is painted blue.

Blue – I see You – Damascene Rose
Ocean blue,
I sea You.
The light in You.
The sky is blue.
The sea is blue.
Your eyes are blue.
The “Light upon Light” in you.
Blue is calm.
Blue is serene.
Sea is You.
Alhamdulillah – Damascene Rose

The Chevalier of The Light

Has gone into the night,

His role was to kindle the Light,

As a knight

The Light sets it right

Of the soul’s rites,

A friend of mine he is,

by Divine Right


Butterfly blue – Damascene Rose

The Lord of Coherence,

Has been released,

With prayers,

God be with him,

Light be in his heart,

Sun be his mind.

Lord of Coherence,

God be with you.

I release you, I do.

I pray every night,

For you to see the Light,

And vanish out of Sight!

May God light up your mind,

It’s been in the shadows,

And it’s not alright!

Under vigilance I still am,
Who cares?
Who gives a damn?


Blue is not you.
God be with you!
I won’t see you.
I have raised my vibration above You.
Blue is not you – Damascene Rose
And the Water Lily has emerged.
Just like a submarine from under the sea,
The light in your eyes,
Is all  I can see,
I couldn’t believe it,
Can it be real?


The Light of the heart,
Lights up the sky
Fated Destiny is knocking at the door,
One ship alone to moor,
One Heart Alone

Be. Sea. Hear.

 It’s by divine decree,
His eyes are all I can see,
Ocean deep
El Flamenco is your heart,
What’s meant to be,
Never be torn apart!
A man.
The gentleman.
A water lily
She becomes alive – Damascene Rose
A drop of Love
Became an ocean.
Turned draught into Life,
The desert an oasis,
The dry heart became alive
Ocean deep – Damascene Rose
I have walked on my own path alone,
Stepped into my garden,
Perused the infinite nuances of my roses,
None of them matched  your eyes,
Only the core,
The heart of it all,
The light!
Blue of Light
I dance with you,
Waves are you,
The warrior in you,
Sun is you,
Water lily
Our path – Damascene Rose
Eyes are blue.
I see you.
I do.
I see you – Damascene Rose Blog

You are not a drop in the ocean;

You are the entire ocean in a drop. (Rumi)

Ocean Deep Water Lily

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