She Rocked Our World, BIG TIME! – SIMONAAAAA

Simona – Damascene Rose

What a MATCH! What a PRIVILEGE to witness the great championess SI-MO-NAAAAA Halep and all the living legends! Thank you and bless You! 

Simona – Damascene Rose

Simona has been my role model – YES, mine too, for years now. And I love to watch her interviews, the press conferences, all of it. My rationale in writing this post is to express how I am inspired by her, namely how I perceive the messages of the Living Legend: Simona Halep. Moreover, I must express my utmost feelings of admiration and love. Who knows? Simona might feel it from over here too!

In 1994 when our Romanian football team  “Generația de Aur” was on the very golden heights during the World Cup rampage, we’d all gather downtown at the Romana Square and spread on the streets to celebrate the team’s victories. We’d color our faces in blue, yellow and red, the colors of the Romanian flag and cheerfully hail the players. Yes, I was here, in Bucharest, since we moved in from Damascus in 1991.

Today Simona has reunited us, all Romanians, once again.

The energy or the frequency of the egregor has been once again activated by the unconditional love and support for Simona’s fierceless battles on Wimbledon’s grass, this time. Not only did SI-MO-NNNAAAAA rock the house, BIG TIME, but also she has embraced the heart with her breath of loveliness and liveliness.

Breathe in the breeze of inspiration!

Not to mention, it’s a first! For the very first time in history, a Romanian wins the Wimbledon title. She’s got the heart!

I have felt this frequency of the egregor with this intensity four times ever since I landed on the Romanian “shore”, in Bucharest at the age of nine: first – as previously mentioned during the 1994 World Cup, second – upon his Majesty King Micheal I journey to heaven, God rest His Soul in peace, third – upon the visit of his Holy Father and forth – with Simona’s matches.  The Wimbledon final feels like the culmination of the latter!

Coming back to the manifestation of the game, I witnessed the verb to BE in its full expansion. Be now - in here. Stay focused on every single instant of it all.

What you give attention to grows. Sway your focus to what truly matters. Now!

Inhale, exhale. Ignore the rest. What’s past is past, the moment is now, the future is also now!

Plan, concentrate, make the step, and - succeed!
Accomplish by focusing on the NOW!
Give your dream Wings!
Take the chance, give it your best forehand.
That’s it! An ace – the Living Legend.

My ears heard the lovely Championess Simona Halep say: “Be in the Game. Turn the butterflies in your stomach into a positive outcome. Yet don’t focus on the outcome, but on making the best of "now" to generate the successful future now. Play it with stamina, babe! Hang on. Feel it in your heart, drive your strength from within, have the unmanifested manifest. Just stick to the game! Now.”

“I didn’t think of the outcome. I just gave my best with every single ball” (hence every “now” of it), I believe I heard her say.

More than a serious boost of inspiration, to me Simona has been a genuine breath of vitaminization, inspiration, and determination.

Mind your personal groove. When the inner mechanism is giving you errors, withdraw into your oasis.
Pause. Listen.
What do you hear?
Your inner rhythm.
Give yourself the time you need to reset, realign with your higher self. 
The mission of your soul is your call!
Hear the message and take off
Give your dreams wings to fly by being present
Pinterest – Damascene Rose

As for enchanting Serena, becoming a mother is no hindrance to resuming one’s “daily role” and career, making it to the final, just like that.

I have only been privileged once to watch her play in Istanbul. Upon her serve, I’d feel I’m jumping off my chair.

I can only imagine the pressure one faces on such a high pedestal. Give the best of you, always. Insurmountable high expectations! How can one cope with them every single instant? Well, I guess that’s what champions are for …

Serena replied to the last question addressed during the press conference as follows:

“The day I stop fighting for equality … will be the day I’m in my grave”.

I heard: “believe it”.  Trust your soul’s mission. It shall guide you through.


For I shall love you

till my very last breath,

my darling Rose,

my Tara,

My Damascene Rose


Later on, after having watched the men single final too, I can definitely say we have been blessed with two outstanding single finals. Remarkable living legends have “made” the game. More than just a match, a sheer display of presence, of being in the now, of swiftly and spontaneously making decisions with balance and “Swiss” relaxation while being 100% accurate and articulate in the steps you make ...

Living on the edge situation. Hold your breath and witness how Djokovic turns two match points into his favor. Hang on! Be there - fully, stay focus and act NOW.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

BE in the GAME!

I mean can you even imagine the pressure of that final - 5 sets, and the fifth set ended 13-12.  A World Premiere! Watching this final almost ached!


Moreover, have you seen the respect each player showed their opponent?

How they made jokes and enjoyed while doing their thing?

Chapeau for such remarkable and humane legends!

If I were to enumerate the lessons I have learned, pinpointed or highlighted in my mind, well…
♥HAVE FAITH. Drive your strength from within. Have a little bit more faith in your heart now babeeey!
♥LISTEN to your HEART. It will guide you and shed the light on your path!
♥BE present, aware and attentive
♥Stay FOCUSED in the now. Give your attention to create the best of now!
♥Maintain the CLARITY of your thoughts
♥HANG IN THERE! Fight till the very end. Endurance is an assurance of your success insurance. You never know what’s around the corner. Even two match points might turn into your favor. Now could be your big moment!
♥CONSISTENCY and DISCIPLINE are key for longterm results
♥The SENSE of HUMOR is always a good choice. Enjoy your journey!
♥SMILE more
♥STAY humble
BE humane,
Word of the day!
Inspired by SI-MO-NNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and the Living Legends
God Bless YOU ALL

Rosary Rose,

Sprinkle petals,

Exquisite Fragrance of the Rose

for a Rose,

Sheer diamonds,

Hearts to hear ...

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