Don’t You Go Blind On Me Now!

Albastru – Damascene Rose

Don't You Go Blind On Me Now!

She’s at the crossroads. She has been here for 9 years now. Her fate is to be decided. She’s nervous, can’t hide it!

Fares – Damascene Rose
She’s flowed on her Rosy boat amidst the tempest.
By God, she’s seeded so many roses.
Hopefully, they are about to bloom!
So is the groom.  He has set on his broom.
She’s looking forward for the groove …
Coming here from one country or two.
A hybrid just like her
Angel Blue,
Can’t it be true?
I believe I see you.
Roses are abundance!
Roses are perfumed.

I was walking.

A blind man crossed my path.

And I thought to myself: “Oh, you are nervous ‘cause manifestation is taking a while? What about this man? Do you think he wouldn’t walk in your shoes if he were to choose? You are anxious, you don’t know what will follow. Oh, you speak of presence, searching for the essence! What about that man? What about all the sunrises he won’t be able to see?”

We are so well and lucky and we don’t even know it. A man whose heart might see more than the eye beholds. How many of us are blindfold and we don’t even know it? For all the love in the world, we won’t show it. Why won’t we show it? As the Arabic proverb goes: God gives meat to those who cannot bite!

Now Have You … Today?
  1. Have you said the grace this morning? Have you thanked God, said Alhamdulillah or how you say it in your language? Me entiendes?
  2. Have you meditated, prayed or spent time in nature?
  3. Have you laughed? Have you laughed your heart out today? OK, if not a laugh, just a smile. A huge big smile! Now you go! That’s beautiful. Cut! Let’s do that one more time.
  4. Have you walked, jogged or danced? Or whatever it is your  "I like to move it"?
  5. Have you told him or her: I love you? Have you said "I love you" instead of "thank you"?
  6. Have you hugged your family tight, tight, like very tight?
  7. Have you read a few pages today?
  8. Have you been singing your favorite song or your own beat?
  9. Have you kept hydrated – Body – Mind and Spirit? Just make sure your fuel level is optimum, baby!
  10. And last, but definitely not least, what have you done for your soul today? For your dream? This is mainstream.
Have you … - add up, add up, dear!
Verde – Damascene Rose

“Tell me how much dinero, I’ll tell you how much concept!" That’s what the guy with the website told her.

"Tell me your idea of the implementation of my concept and I’ll tell ya if I wanna work with ya! came in the reply.”

♣  ♣  ♣  ◊  ♣  ♣  ♣

“Her heart has been stabbed for so many times! And No! It wasn’t by the Damascene sword. That’s a sword speaking love and perfume. It’s a secret to the present day unknown. I’ll develop on it, this is another story.  It needs space for its full glory!”

Have you seen her? asked MC Hammer.
Whooooooooooooo’s that girl? replied Madonna.

“Have you ever felt like nobody is listening? Nobody is there?”

“Oh, what do you think you’re doing? Expressing yourself?”

“Why can’t you just see me? Why am I that invisible to you, to her?”

“There’s no time, it’s me, and there’s mine, and me, and there’s mine. That’s the loop!”

“You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say might be used 5 minutes later against you. You have the right to remain altruist with us and give us all you have got. If you cannot afford to give us your everything, expecting nothing in return, we’ll rid you of our presence. If you decide to answer questions now unconditionally, you will be given a sip of freedom and a touch of love.”

◊ The Marmelade Rights ◊

What’s wrong witch you?!?! Yeah, you! That’s right. I am pointing at you!

You’ve got that right!


When a wooer enters the scene, 
She starts being seen!
Why is that? Why is it a woman becomes more when she’s got a man not even by her side, but wooing her? The DXCX thing is kinda miraculous rainbow or something. And suddenly she becomes visible, even her mom starts seeing her.  Miraculously!
Two is complete. 
One is half.
A full apple tastes delicious.
Half an apple is kind of vicious.
Oh, donchu go blind on me!


Apple – Damascene Rose

As Alejandro Sanz says it best:

"El Corazon que no ve,

Es Corazon que no siente,

Corazon que te miente … amor!"

The heart that doesn’t see,
Is a heart that doesn’t feel,
A heart that lies… Luv!


On true Love. Heritage. Life stories. The beat of the Rose … from the very heart of Damascus, the Mother Source, the Damascene Rose!

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