The Book

The Rose – Damascene Rose

The Book

Word and word became a sentence,
Our hearts melt,
Merged into an instance;
Speaking petals of true Love and Heritage,
1001 contemporary stories;
A life story became alive
Let it flow,
No need to strive;
The characters of the book
Are being contoured,
Fragrant memories are conjured;
Till the book takes shape
I'll delve into the imagery,
The dough the characters make;
Mariam Eleven inspired by the Levant
Has seen the sun coming anon,
She is tuning to the rays now;
To You, the universe has me led,
The blanket of roses is lying on the bed,
In the gown from mamaie I will be wed;
Her spirit is always blessed,
And she's undoubtedly missed;
For I shall forever and always return to you,
My Tara,
My Darling Rose ...
The Rose – Damascene Rose

The Beat of the Rose … from the very heart of Damascus 

Photo Credit: Pinterest 

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