Damascus – the Energy or the Vibration Signature

Rose – Damascene Rose

The Vibration Signature of Damascus

I woke up today, missing You so much.

If you asked me what it is you’re missing the most about your hometown, I’d tell you: its vibration. I miss its air, its breeze. Although the Capital of Fragrance does not have a dock,  for sure it harbors L’Air de Damas de Mon Enfance. The Air of My Amazing Childhood - its unique Energy Signature.

Yes, I might be very much enrooted in my source. For the essence of Damascus runs through my veins and of my feelings I am giving Her free rein.

C’est l’eau d’amour, babe! C’est l’eau de humanité!

I don’t have to talk to my dad to know what he feels or thinks. We simply know.

Our hearts communicate via the same channel. It’s called Love and Love knows. I look at him and hear the music of his soul.

When they don’t know, well… they just don’t feel.

 “Life becomes plastic” and it ain’t romantic.

I don’t even want to envisage how becoming one with such energy would be. Interacting with low vibrational energy in a mechanical flow. Allow for much more. The mundane transaction has distorted it all.  And it’s quite difficult to merge with a non-love, low-vibration state of the soul.

And blessed is my generation singing the keynotes of the ’80s when love songs were poems and Love was “true, true, baby, I feel you”, don’t play with it, don’t be a fool. And blessed Be You, while readings these lines.

 “Give me a cup of Love, I’ll give you a piece of gold.”
“I will, but I cannot. Love shall stem from the seed of Love alone.”
 This is what the ’80s were about. The Age of Humanity, the Golden Age of Love. And we are broadcasting live from the very Garden of Roses in our Island of Laughs and Gags – Al Jazeera 5 in 1,2,3 ...”
“She’s been bxtxxing the essence out of me for years now. This creature lacks  maternal instinct.”
“My dear sister, we must teach her how to be more humane.”
 “You mean the basics of being humane, I suppose. And the basis of  maternal instinct.”
Yet, forgive and you shall be forgiven.
Rose – Damascene Rose

So Damascus, today I have realized that I bear your vibration and energy signature. You see, when it comes to our culture, we just know it, and we surely know how to show it. However, I did not know that it’s called an energy signature. I know it’s called being a Damascene of a genuine descent. Truth vibrates and so do genes.

Birds of a feather flock together

So this is what happens with us all, we attract the people who resonate with our personal fragrance. It’s the spices of our personality, the touch of our inner material, the state of “feel” we convey, that makes our tribe resonate with us and join us on this adventurous path called Life.


I just felt this and hence, shared it with you.


Moreover, today it’s the Eve of the Feast of Sacrifice, I wish you, dear Mother Source, my family, my Soul Nomad and Group and all the Muslims celebrating:

Eid Mubarak wa Sa3id.

Kurban Bayramınız kutlu mutlu olsun!

And to all of you out there,

Much Love

I know I am heading towards the Street called Love

Ending the post with a few verses of the Holy Quran which make reference to the Feast of Sacrifice:

(37:102-107) – Surah As-Saffat
“Then when (the son) Reached (the age of) (Serious) work with him He said: “Oh my son! I see in vision That I offer thee in sacrifice: Now see what is Thy view!” (The son) said: “Oh my father! Do As thou art commanded: Thou wilt find me, If Allah so wills one Practicing patience and constancy!”
So when they had both Submitted their wills (to Allah), And he had laid him Prostrate on his forehead (For sacrifice),
We called out to him, “Oh Abraham!”
“Thou hast already fulfilled The vision!” thus indeed Do We reward Those who do right.”
For this was obviously A trial,
And We ransomed him With a momentous sacrifice”

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