The Darling of My Soul – Grandma

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The Darling of My Soul  - Grandma


From the Garden of the Soul,
I have picked up a fragrant Tuberose,
As fragrant as your Love,
The darling of my heart,
It’s Full Moon today,
On your birthday,
 I only envisage the tray,
Your delicious Romanian pancakes
The taste of my childhood,
Rolled in a delicious memory, for good.
Alas, the darling of my heart. Alas.
Death cannot tear us apart,
Me here, you there,
Forever the treasure of your vibration
I shall share,
The darling of my heart,
My soul shall bear
On the table, by the apple basket,
We read and detailed every aspect
“You are not going to play,
Unless we finish the reading session,
Planned for today!”
How are you to learn Romanian,
If you don’t read?
Get acquainted with the Latin alphabet,
after Arabic,
It’s not the Emerald Tablet!
Who's going to pass the exam?
It’s serious business,
Not marmalade or jam,
Nor sour cherry,
You’ll have your pancake,
Don’t worry!
Romania begins with you,
The commencement of my journey here is you,
As we walk hand in hand,
within  the garden of the Romanian Atheneum,
It’s where father met his Juliet.
Your daughter is not you,
Sweet and honey is your talk,
Woody the Woodpecker cannot
It doesn’t come from within,
Her words are nerves and aspirins.
Her soul untamed,
Not rolled in a lacelike delicious pancake,
Indulge the Romanian crepe,
No soul ache!
It’s no sweet tooth,
It’s tradition,
Mamaie, I am still in the booth,
Awaiting the call,
In Divine timing I trust,
Allowing destiny to manifest,
Follow my personal path I must.
In turtle pace, things move,
Nothing is to be pushed or forced,
Just flow with the groove!
Al maktoob was set at eleven:eleven: eleven,
I know you’re thinking of me,
Up in the Heavens!
It’s the Eve of the Assumption of Mary,
Fantastic luminous energy to carry…
I have prayed hard,
And the Queen of Heavens,
Brought Light on the name
Popcorn by my side,
Soul to mouth,
I watch the movie of my life,
Entrusting the fated destiny,
To the clear, pure and luminous heart
 Of Mother Mary 
Just as the memory of you —
Is my Enlightening Library
Your hybrid granddaughter





Polianthes tuberosa – Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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