Songs of Books, Love of Books

Books – Damascene Rose
Inspired by The Music of Books by Sergei Parajnov

Songs of Books, Love of Books



The rhythm of the pages,
Frees the mind of the laces,
New wings on the horizon,
Your eyes are blue,
Mine are hazel

Songs of books

Indulge the knowledge,
Set your mind free,
A New World let there be

Books are Light givers,
Another dimensional space
Where characters outline,
A wondrous place

An endless course on Empathy,
Showing Mercy to the "other",

Put yourself in their shoes,
Imagine how it felt,
If it were you

Flowing rivers of ideas,
They teach us to fit in
When released,
They tell us "stand out!"
"Think out of the box!"
"Come up with ideas!"

Out there, in the realm of fiction,
You’re in, within, herein

Hear in the songs of books,
Work on your minds,
Not only your looks

I’ll have more of that,
Not only books,
But content,
Authentic substance

Hear in,
The whispers of the page,
Songs of books

Don’t be blind
Open up your mind!
No matter what,
“Thou shalt read”, said mamaie

Grannie taught her the first keynotes,
The words of the Latin alphabet,
She poured the wisdom into beads,
And proudly wore the Rosary,
Addressing Queen Mary

I hear it, all right,
Songs of Light
To the mind’s delight

A spiral going upward,
There’s neither drawback,
Nor loss in the process,
Only progress
A leap of faith - that is!

Love and empathy,
A sweet melody
Songs of books,
Love of books ...

The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries – Damascene Rose
Books – Rijks Museum – Damascene Rose
The World’s Most Beautiful Libraries – Damascene Rose

Photo Credit: Damascene Rose (@Rijks Museum - Wonderful Amsterdam) & Pinterest

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