Afloat in Her Balloona

Balloona – Damascene Rose

Afloat in Her Balloona, in Kapadokya

Mariam talking to Meryem.

“Istanbuuuuuuuuul, I am counting on ya, Istanbul!

Tell ya what?  Since this very moment I feel I am in between, I’ll just allow for my higher self to wander freely … It’s like I’m in this bubble in one of the balloons above Kapadokya. I like to call them balloonas. However, my balloona is floating somewhere between the manifested and the unmanifested. I sense the presence of the energies coming towards me. New projects. New challenges. New vibrations. And You, Fated Destiny. Soon to be revealed.

For now, I am afloat in my balloona at the borders of the unknown and the known. The eye of the heart sees it clearly. I can’t wait to seeing you really.

If you only knew!”

“If I only knew what? Why won’t you fill me in?”

“Gladly. My balloona is flying me above Rize as we speak. I am listening to the ripple of the waterfall. All of this emerald green mystery fills my lungs with the oxygen I so much long for.”

Palovit Waterfall – Rize _ Turkey

“Sista, are you going to actually talk to me?”

“Oh, dear. I got caught up in the beauty of the moment. Yes, of course. As soon as it manifests. Like I said. For now, I am afloat. Here, in the mabeyn of the realm of my dream about to come true.”

“So it’s as if you were one of our Istanbul bridges, except that your feet are up in the air.”

“ True, true, baby I love you. I wanna land.  I wanna be Home.

At once.

Inshallah. .”

Till then I am spending my time in my colorful balloona, visualizing the book.

I heard Malcolm Gladwell – if I recall correctly, say that when you start writing a book, one needs to know how it ends. And that - I don’t know yet. Cuz I am at the very edge of its manifestation. However, I have the décor of the beginning set in place.”

“Maybe next time we invite Maria and Marie too.”

“Can you believe this? I asked if we could talk in like 30 minutes and the reply came in:

Time told me that each minute passes sadly because it has missed the honors of being present in our next conversation as its counterparts!”

“Gush. That’s so cute. It will help you kill time with high morale.”

“Indeed. My patience is being tested big time. All I know is that change is around the corner.”

“Girl, I bet when that manifestation is gonna take place, it’s gonna fly you so high that even the petals of your rose won’t be able to save you,” Marie said rolling her eyes.

“Oh, I’ll roll those eyes back at cha.”

“Even better. You balloona will take you back to the Garden of Roses.”

“I wish.”

“Keep wishing. It’s manifesting already.”

“I can’t hear you. I am up above, embracing my dream.”

Yeah, well you gotta admit she looks like Bansky’s “Girl with a Balloon”, only that she is inside the crimson red balloona. Lost in the Beauty of  Kapadokya.
Balloona – Damascene Rose

Rosary Rose,

Fly her high amidst the balloonas,

I believe the last chapter to be -

Is “Back to the Roots"

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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