A Moment in Time

One Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

One Moment in Time
Some moments are just abstract. The more you think of them… you just cannot find a solution. You do what you have to do. Initiate.  Plan. Send the vibration of your resume internationally. Whilst the heart knows you aren’t going to budge until what's yours shall manifest. So you BREATHE. And just BE. And that’s enough. When you are not allowed to move but are to stand-by for some time…well, then it’s God, my dear friend!

One is to keep the money flow rolling, rolling.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why, sometimes, you just gotta go with the flow and trust the “divine timing.”

And guess what? Not only will that bring about financial abundance, but a brand new wave of people. Those are your tribe - the ones who feel you, even if far away. In Paris, India, or Arabia!

“What’s your plan?” To my belief, it's the "sexiest" question I have received of late.

Well, I wish Aladdin would eventually step in and we’d go on a magic ride… where I can attend to my projects as well.

Still, God is my witness, as we speak I have no clue where’s my final destination.

God has always chosen for me. So yes indeed, I am as lucky and as divinely protected like that.

“Get married!”

“Have that child!”

“Are you stupid? How come you are not married by now?”

It doesn’t matter if Adnan picks his nose at lunch or is uneducated!

So what if Marian stares at his wife’s best friend’s boobs in his wife’s presence?

(For example's sake. Thank God it's not my case. I have been blessed to have as friends and be wooed only by gentlemen, irrespective of race, nationality or religion. Alhamdulillah!)

Respect? Loyalty? Send her back to her realm of phoniness.

And I am located in Europe. Why are you being so Oriental about this topic?

Yeah, it’s a man’s world! Indeed. Where you are asked to be beautiful, be fit, have the business,  be the mom, be joyful and loving, and while you are at it, thank the Heavens if “he” is willing to respect you. Say what?!? I thought it’s a men’s world.

Be. Be a beautiful human being. That’s the spring of it! As for the manly presence, that’s a different topic, which hasn’t unfolded yet. Another petal to be written on the platform of the 1001 contemporary stories, independently.

All the pieces of the puzzle feel up in the air or stuck. Maybe that’s the divine plan! Maybe, just maybe, a miracle is about to happen.

Whenever I speak, which is quite seldom in my family, the response to what I say comes in, having nothing to do with what I am actually saying.

People call you phony because you don’t actually live in accordance with their life pattern. It’s about money and their vision of your life. Which is not your life! But nothing more, and nothing less than their image of who they think you are. And there you have a snowball effect. “One has an image of you which is not you or how you see, perceive things. Their behavior mirrors it. You reject that reflection and do not have the patience or will to explain and put up with something that is not you. Not anymore. So you reject it. And whilst you reject the belief they have created in their own mind, they feel you rejected them. And there you have a story in the story, far from the seed of it, built on one’s perception of it, and not what the story actually is.”

You don’t know me. Hence you don’t see me.

And I like it the way it is - being invisible to my non-tribe.

For example:

“They” indirectly tell you to apply here and there.

“How am I to be employed as… when I am overqualified for that job? I will not be offered the job, because I am overqualified for it."

Since they don’t perceive you as overqualified,  their opinion is somewhere beyond, on the other side of who you are or of your wishes.

There’s an Arab proverb, which goes like this:
 Roadblocks and delays are blessings in disguise!
“So, Dear God, what have you been protecting me from?
What’s mine to come?”
“Patience, my dear, patience. It won’t be long, till you are Home."
My wishes come true – Damascene Rose

And I know for sure, out of all the nationalities I have met, here in Romania we lack the sense of patience. We want it fast, and we wanted yesterday. And sometimes, that is just not possible.

We do eat “fashion on bread” though. Yeah, we like to be en vogue.

How about let others be themselves?

How about you kept busy tending to your family, to what’s yours and let me see to my Life?

Had I wished for your opinion, I would have asked.

Rest assured, the walls of the Citadel are high. The Light of Damascus keeps them there. Only kindred souls receive Heavenly safe passage. And their opinion is highly treasured.

I have to tell my mom a few times a day “God decides” so that she understands that Life is a process. Everyone around me is like “move it, move it!”

I am. Just allow me. As an Alchemist, I have sown the seeds. Now let the Universe flow. It cannot happen faster. It’s an algorithm unfolding in its own rhythm.

So even though the narcissistic traits avail most of the time, Life cannot be controlled, suffocated as a “property”, but allowed to unfold. But that’s a different story!

Aladdin,  where am I heading at?
This moment is just beautifully abstract.

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