Green! It’s Just Gotten Pinned In

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Green! It's Just Gotten Pinned In ...

Pinterest pinned in,
Its stream of Emerald Green…
 A book. The dress. The jewelry. The sea of green waves.
 Dear Universe, are you talking to me?
Of all, I see you.
I touch your velvety green covers.
Green | Grün | Verde | Grøn | Groen | 緑 | Emerald | Brunswick |
There it is! A hearty clover brooch,
Good Luck ahead,
To you,
My Love, I sent.
The colors of the leaves,
Lingering down your sleeves,
I am wearing my green trousers,
Sleighing down the hills
The Fine Lady liked the text,
I have received the go-ahead,
Green Light On!
The remembrance of you lingers
And I know for sure,
The setting ready,
Lit by the emerald eyes,
Fine strokes of adrenaline,
Allow me to give away,
All there is:
The Sun of Damascus!


Oh, don't you judge the story by its covers!
Dive into the rays ...

Photo Credit: Pinterest

And yes! This is how the e-mail from Pinterest came in. A rapture of emerald green.

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