The Garden of Roses And Forever More – 3

Two – Garden of Roses

The Garden of Roses And Forever More - 3

Time passed. They hadn’t talked for a while.
Did they have to? Do people or places truly aligned have to talk in order to actually be connected? Perfect in its matrix, the Universe has got the Family of Souls ready and steady.  
Two – Garden of Roses
So as she sat at her hybrid desk, she decided it was high time she wrote him a new letter:

Dearest Knight of My Childhood,

 I cannot put into words what it means your having brought back to me my home.

 You candled the light of my childhood house, where I used to play with my worm toy Labiba and my Farm as I imagined I would make it to Australia, one day. I’d get on that toy horse of mine and set to conquer the world.

Ever since that day, I have started believing in miracles. It’s been there. Dormant. I had totally forgotten about it. Still, the inner lighthouse kept leading my steps back to Damascus. The heart had been torn to pieces. It needed the rainbow glue to get fixed - the jam of roses.

Unfortunately, broken hearts are very hard to mend. You fall, and you fall, and you fall. Drown in the abyss of dryness. Explore Dante’s Purgatory, in detail. There’s not an inch of it that escapes you. You become the spectator. You stretch out your hand and grope in the emptiness. Watch all the dryness of the soul the players exhibit. And decide not to become part of the play. Not anymore. You focus so that you can see the light; the only way out of the tunnel.

You transfer the perfect mise-en-scène for your story - the journey. Bit by bit, the characters which were once part of your life disappear in the abyss, whilst you float up above, on your Rosy Boat. You see the light and cling to it. It guides you through the thick overwhelming darkness. It's pitch dark. The fog described by Dickens is not even close. While choking, you search out for the rose. "Don't let go! Don't let go of that petal of light! Stick to it, firmly. Focus, focus! "

The body light increases and increases. A level of high vibration it reaches. And that's how you know you have mastered a soul lesson. When circumstances haven't changed yet and you are up above in your "balloona". Awaiting for the manifestation to bring about the change.

Fares, one thing you are right about - Love was definitely borne in our Garden of Roses.

Yours truly,
The girl next door
Thank you – Garden of Roses
All that had been restored the very day the letter she had written, 16 years ago, returned to her. Just like that. What goes around comes around, after all. She could read what her heart had felt some time ago.

That day she remembered how it sensed to feel again, that she had actually felt ... once. The letter was quite descriptive. Fares had offered her a bouquet of three fragrant roses. By God, the first one was deployed on the ground of Damascus! By God, it's fragrance shall linger forever! And by God, she fell in love with the way she was once able to Love.

"Wow! I am actually feeling in this letter! My heart is beating, warmly, lovingly. It is not numb. Not anymore."

It triggered a snowball effect of nourishment filled with the sunny rays of the mother source – her beautiful hometown.

Day by day, year by year this image of the knight has grown and transformed into the visual of the soul to mirror the corolla of the rose, where they’d plant the new seeds, as a legacy.

So she sat on the bench, awaiting her knight of the now.

“Until next time, dear Fares, keep well,” she said and melt with the night.

Be in the knowledge, she will write about us in her book

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