Arabian Sands

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Arabian Sands

The Knight of the Desert – Damascene Rose
An Arabian Prince
Stepped into the Light,
Lifted the veil,
To clear the sight!
A starry soul,
The eyes met.
The sky glittered in the night,
As he rode …
Words of depth
The heart spoke,
Pitch-dark eyes,
Guided the knight


Genie popped-up in the night,
“Your wish shall come true,
Trust the Universe
God Almighty has it figured out!
There is always a way out
Time to "prison break",
A new threshold to make
1001 petals of lace,
Around the air swing,
Giving the dream, wings!


“Faith? Somebody, anybody?”
Genie replied in.
“Oh, you don’t need me!
You have got it all,
“Oh, Camelot of the desert,
My Camel is ready,
My heart is Home already.”
“Awaiting the Divine Decree,
To come in.
Oh, I wonder why all the wait?
I am so glad we have met.”
The carpet on the sky,
Says I am going on a magic ride,
Who am I
The destiny to fight?
Should it be by Divine Decree,
No one can intervene!
Infinite pages,
Characters blended,
Amidst the dunes
A Rose is a Rose,
What are petals for?
Withstanding the waves –
No more.

Gone with the sands …

National Park Sand Dunes

Photo credit: Pinterest

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