Day and Night

Rose - Day and Night - Damascene Rose

Day and Night

Days are the same,

Night and Day,

Day and Night,

A constant steady ebb.

Ever since that very step out of the garden,

Nothing else happened.

Just a repetitive could be...




Who cares?
Those days are past!
Rose - Day and Night - Damascene Rose

Words are uttered ...

Mutters under your breath

Nobody hears,

At least not within an arm's length.

What are arms for, if not to hold?

You hold on to your self-center,

Stuck! On that painting.

Time is past. Already!

And the days are the same.

Day and night

In your eyes ...
Shall I see Light? or Darkness?
Coherence? Or lack of it?
Black and white

A monument of selfishness?

Either go on being a "bitch"

And vanish out,

Or allow us to see the painting now,

See... what's in there?

Or, God willing, I am going away,

Here I can no longer stay


All are muddled up,
I'd have a close-up,
Of that manifestation!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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