I Have Dreamt of You All – the Garden of Roses – 4

Dreamt of you _ Damascene Rose

I Have Dreamt of You All - Garden of Roses - 4

“Knock, knock! Neighbor, are you there?

By God, I have dreamt of us all.  We were on the plane heading Home. Actually, I was with your brother on the plane. And he said to me:

"Do you think I can celebrate my birthday on the plane?"

We had porcelain presents for each member of your family. And we made it. Upon landing, the vessel was intact.  And I had laid one slipper next to yours, Fares!

It is getting warmer and warmer. We were all there.

Can you imagine I had seen your father and mother too?

Knight of my Childhood, the manifestation is in progress.

I just happen to know.

And Julieta said there was this pigeon holding a mouthful of dialect she couldn’t understand.

“I couldn’t allow them to enter the balcony. The pigeons spoke in a dialect I couldn’t understand.“

You know me and her, we’re not on the same frequency.  Never have been. Never will. And I must say, not only have I gotten used to it, but also I have begun to like it.

So if she couldn’t comprehend, it could be an amazing sign.

The pigeon might have been a sole from the Divine.

A message of what it’s mine.

Fares, I feel it – right over here.

Can you hear me? It’s your name I’m calling. It’s the keynotes of our vibration I am singing.

“It won’t be long before you’re gone.”

“Fares, Fares, Fares. It felt so real. The plane had landed me Home, in the core of our garden. No wonder I woke up so happy and relaxed. The pigeon of coherence had found his way through the channel. I received its morning message.
Was it at the airport coming toward me or flying its wings away from me, again? Will there be any coherence … Oh Lord, what’s there to know?”
Cinderella Moment – Damascene Rose

I look through the window. A lady passes by. Her shoulder bag says ”Mai departe scrie în carte”.  And so it is. The adventure shall please in accordance with the Book of Life. Because the story truly is in progress. I could almost hear my heart sing.

Alas! Fares I have the end of the book unfolding right before my eyes and I am already writing the book. Let there be no disguise!


You were there in the dream, Fares.

But I couldn’t see your face.

I just felt your presence and let that one slipper at the threshold of your aura.

Who knows? Maybe this fairy-tale shall be concluded with a Cinderella moment.

I know I have embraced you – right over here.

This used to be my childhood dream.
His voice lingering on the strings of my being:
″Thank you for the Joy you have brought to my Life!″
Dreamt of you _ Damascene Rose

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