The Pool of Light Hosted the Moment

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

The Pool of Light Hosted the Moment

Sometimes, out of nowhere, an overwhelming blow of light whirls over a moment, a person or a situation. The entire artillery of the chandelier is on it. You had previously prayed for it. Yet, when it bursts out of the blue, tumultuously and unexpectedly, you end up with a bit of a shock, rendering electric shivers down the spine... You asked for light and received a cascade of overbearing clarifications. You’re struck for the day and moreover, grateful to have received blessings and guidance, once again. The Divine is never late. Always on time. Still, the moment couldn’t bear all the shed light. The oxygen in the lungs was in a hell of a captive shock... trying to get rid of it, release it. For a reason unknown, blows bring about upheavals of inspiration.

Channels cleared, rivers spring


And one more day passed, in the jungle called life.

Oh dear, how can people fake it so well? So very well?  They speak of soul connections, of  friendship, come up with incredible deep phrases. Speak sheer poetry. Instead of hearing regular sentences, one receives phrases, which could be added as they are into a dialogue of a book.  You’d say you were talking to a writer from  a different dimension.

A Chaucer of the desert, a Qabbani of the whisper of Life

How can one be soft-spoken, polite and gentle, one minute, and then turn around 180 degrees, swiftly? This is what knocks us off our feet, nowadays, isn’t it?

 Swift is the Wind

That’s the level of depth I am talking about.

Indeed, it’s a world full of unexpected intentions...

“You call me introverted!”

“Look what happens when I step out of my bubble. It turns around every time. But, this time I have recovered within one day. So you see the bitch couldn’t go away with it. Not this time.”

Isn’t consistency a bare necessity, a basis for any kind of dialogue or partnership?

Maybe …

Photo Robin Pierre for Unsplash
Photo Credit: Rhett Wesley & Robin Pierre for Unsplash

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