The Conditional IF

IF – Damascene Rose

The Conditional IF

If you give me your cookie unconditionally,

If you let me possess and control your personal space,

If you say as I do,

If you allow me to strangulate your feelings,

If you share your money and everything,

then I will think of  a relationship with you.

If you keep on waiting, you will get old, reach menopause,

and won’t be able to have kids.

If you accept everything I do, I’ll give “You” a thought.

If you refuse, I will take it as a challenge.

Still, when you do as I say, maybe, maybe I will think of you.

Maybe …

"Hey Mary,

Why are you still single?"

"Hey John,

A person I find disgusting as a human being how can I unite with or even marry?"

“Men can behave like animals sometimes,” Fares said.

“You are wrong. Most of the times, animals are loving,” Mariam replied.

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