Alignment – Damascene Rose


I have been receiving messages all day. 

Aligning to one’s highest self is the way.  

Starry Heart, Shiny Hearted T-shirt Popped up!

It’s About the Hearty Star,

The Starry Heart



Have you ever heard this:

“Never have I imagined I’d be here!

Never have I imagined my life the way it is!

Never have I imagined …”



I am just wondering:

Does it ever come along the way we envisage it in our minds?

Does it?

And I am wandering, wandering straight to the core…


The only way out is through. 
To your core, Fares, I hold on to.
Oh, hold my hand, fast now.

Oftentimes, we set on a path. We are thrilled. “I Love him, I do.” “Oh, this is my dream job!” Out of the blue, everything falls apart. You wake up amidst chaos. All the pieces of the labyrinth are whirling in the air.

Nothing is fix. You cling to the Core and focus. On one point alone at a time.


Oh, they don’t teach us self-love and self-care in schools.


They don’t teach us crisis management.


They don’t tell us what relationships are all about.


The fairy-tales we were sold aren’t valid for the “now”.


In this “Post-truth” Epoque most of us feel like “The hell with it! I am gonna speak  up and out the truth and see what comes about.” After all, this is how stars are aligned, personally, socially, and maybe even politically. Times are changing. And so are we. Locally and globally, we're witnessing a transition moment. We're going through a passage. It's time for action. From the Middle East to the Far East, from the West to Everest. Humanity, you ought to be making it for the best.


You are. Grounded in your core, earthed in your essence.


You speak your truth and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.


The not your tribe pieces won’t be drawn to you and the right people won’t need any explanation. They’re there with you on the same lane, same plane. When taking off and landing, when turbulences and striving, or when going through the clouds on  that long walk on the beach, melting in with the waves… All along.

You ride, I ride.
Sticking always to my tribe.


And HE “went and saved the best for last”   sang Vanessa Williams

Photo Credit: Joshua Coleman for Unsplash

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