Don’t Be An Image, Be Real!

Don't Be An Image, Be Real

Don't Be An Image, Be Real 

Let's play the algorithms, shall we?
An Image?
Genuine you = beautiful you
Smiley you = beautiful you
Authentic you = happy me


Blue = miraculous pure love

Eyes are blue, sky is blue, sea is blue, a SOUL is you = I sea you

Destined or not, BLUE is Heaven

Marking a moment in time, a healing flood

Wondrous manifestation of the plot!

EMERALD = miraculous family motherly Divine love

Emerald eyes can only inspire… green emerald is the Family Spirit!

You need, I jump; you need, I dive = FAMILY

Coherence = player & family

Too sensitive to make an entrance,

An incoherent dance on the string,

Too much adrenaline had the IBS spring

Too much does not = balance

Too manly a presence,

Go back to the essence

Monologue = no dialogue

It's chronic! = hug

Roses = LOVE

Damascus = Mother Source

Eternal Love …

To your strength I succumb,

Your beautiful roots I water,

With water of roses,


With consistency and persistently,

The roots must stand tall and strong,

To overcome the tempest,

For what are we if not our heritage?

Should we not protect it,

How can we make it?

It’s a tough adventure,

Tides are high,

To avoid drowning,

You go down and down,

The deeper the roots,

The stronger the shield,

The first waves hit = level 1

The second waves hit = level 2

And so on and so forth.

Since you’re in your submarine, you’re safe.

Leaning on the ground,

Awaiting the proper moment to surface

Just like the Rose,

The Damascene Rose …

Oh, you whisper of love,

Beautiful Damascus

Fares of the dunes = the starry soul

STARS = healing inspiration

Starry soul = nourishment

It won’t be long before you’re gone = Fares of my Childhood

Fares of the now = to be manifested;

Two Souls = Don't Meet by Coincidence...
Genuine you = beautiful you
Smiley you = beautiful you
Authentic you = happy me

Keep It Real...

It’s what makes it ethereal!

Photo Credit: Cristopher Harris for Unsplash

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