My Darling Rose, My Damascene Rose …

My Darling Rose, My Damascene Rose ...

My Darling Rose, My Damascene Rose ...

It all started when he, with his bare hands, planted the first seeds in the Garden of Roses. An oasis of merriment and spirituality tinged with the essences and the  elixir of Life. Moreover, a joie de vivre, which stems from his utmost vibrant heart.


When Simona Halep plays her tennis, my darling Rose is there to support her in front of the TV set. Eyes glued to the screen, this is how he sends Simona his  sincere strokes of “good luck” and “give it your best shot”.


On the funerals of His Majesty – King Micheal I of Romania, he was there right outside the Royal Palace standing with the crowd. Presented his kindest greetings and bid farewell to One of Romania’s Most Remarkable Personalities – if I may. I simply adore His Majesty’s Quotes. The Spiritual Legacy to reach out to, for guidance and inspiration.


When the members of the Romanian Parliament do “their thing” – I cannot find the words to describe this, for the interest of us, as Romanians and our beautiful country, my dearest Rose has his eyes on them.

Meanwhile, on the other side, in the very heart of the Middle East and Africa:

When the people of Lebanon have taken the streets in an unprecedented massive protest to express their discontent  with the economic situation and demand the incumbent government to resign, eyes on all  the TV Channels broadcasting the event live in Arabic, from the heart of  Lebanon, the rose spread his humanitarian and collective petals in support of the freedom of speech and hope for the better.

As soon as the seed multiplies the domino effect for humanity and a better Collective future ripples, locally and globally.

When the people of Sudan were negotiating over the future of their country in the streets, during the summer of this year, and orchestrated national songs and anthems to express their love and pride for their country, my dear Rose was again - right over here.

All summer long, we had listened to the melodious Sudanese music: “Ana Ifriqqi, Ana Sudani” – I am African, I am Sudani.

Hadn’t it been for my darling rose, I wouldn’t have been acquainted with the spiritual and vivacious Sudan, in this manner. I woke up almost every morning to the sound of Sudani music, alternated with Fairuz and other famous Arab classic singers. I’d love to visit Al Sudan one day!

And, when Syria – the pearl, his motherland and his realm of origins is at it is... Words cannot describe anything … Words remain invalid, blind and amputated when faced with the atrocities the country of my beautiful mother source – Damascus has been put to. All those crimes against humans and humanity itself…

How could words ever dare to depict the massacres and the deaths of so many lives?
The bloody deaths  … of innocent children!
Of loving couples!
Of peaceful families!
Oh, you wrenched soulless creatures …

Had I been offered a street of roses, I wouldn’t have returned. Summoned by God, coming back at my rose’s seemed as the best and wisest decision, given the circumstances. So at present, I am in transit, staying with him, my dearest father and his Juliet. Before I take off to where I belong.

It's a full circle!

And blessed I am. Yes. I have gotten to spend more time with him, hug him every day. Morning and night. My father's hug is sunshine. His eyes beam with love and affection whenever he looks at me. So I must be very grateful for this drop-off. And grateful I am.

Sometimes going back to where it all started, to the roots and the commencement of it all, can give you a fantastic sight of all the long road you have come. You go out the door one person and then pass-by as a transformed person. And you surely know you have mastered your soul lesson, when the circumstances haven’t changed yet, are on the verge of … and still, you are doing just fine.

Actually, you are doing better than ever, although all the pieces of the puzzle are up in the air about to take each their most appropiate and personalized place.

Experiences are life changers.

Hopefully, it’s for the best! For the people of the nations, for the Collective and for Humanity at large.

And it is for his incredibly sensitive and loving soul, it is for the starry petals of the garden of roses he has left me as a legacy and heritage the very moment I stepped out of the oasis of Al Jazeera 5, that my dearest father and gentleman is and will always be  my very affectionate and loving Rose. After all, his seed gave birth to the hybrid rose ... in the very garden of the Damascene Rose 

Photo Credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel for Unsplash 

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