A Walk to The Supermarket Ended Up with A Prayer in The Catholic Church

The Rosary of Holy Mary - Damascene Rose

A Walk to The Supermarket Ended Up with A Prayer in The Catholic Church

“Abandon yourself into the hands of Mary. She will take care of you.” St. Padre Pio

I had no idea I was to enter the Catholic church!

It has been just a regular Thursday! I have had a productive day in terms of creative flow.

Feeling easy like a prolific Thursday, I went out for a walk to the supermarket.

I’ve made my mind. Having gathered my balance and inner strength, decided to make a decisive buy – healthy saturated fats and gluten-free products.

Last year was a sheer catastrophe. I mean: “2018, what in the name of the rose was that?” It took me months and long walks to regain my balance. And the best moment was now. I  decided I was getting back in shape. Despite my not overeating and walking a lot (more than 8 km per walk), my body needed a complete reboot. I have felt very, as in very tired.

Having recovered my strength, I grabbed my phone and made my plan of attack the kilos disturbing me around my belly – “my Damascene muscles” and oriental heritage. By now, they are rounder than the usual “heritage”. Although not very visible, I need to feel healthy.  So I wrote down my objective: X kilos off by the 20th of December 2019, with the weekly evolution. I am already feeling lighter. 🙂


So I went out for a walk to the supermarket next to our house. As I walked down the sidewalk, absent mindedly, my eyes read “Come in! Visit the Italian Catholic Church”. The church had been our “neighbor” on the opposite sidewalk for ages. Out of no reason, I hadn’t visited the church before. So I accepted the invitation popped out of the universe’s topper hat and went in. I loved it! So serene and tidy, it gave me a sense of peacefulness.

I wanted to give myself a “blessed” Mother Mary medallion, however I had only a big banknote at hand. So I proceeded with my walk. Bought my list of healthy and “get me back in shape” foods and returned to the church to acquire the medallion.

To my delight, when I got there people had gathered for the Prayer “The Rosary of Holy Mary” and were reading the first mystery. So I joined in.

I have been to the Vatican and the Baslique of Sacré-Coeur. I have even prayed for a long list of Orthodox, Muslim and Catholic friends in this beautiful Basilique. She has rendered high vibrations of Love and Peacefulness. I felt back Home.

Needless to say that I am a "follower" of His Holiness - Pope Francisc.  Given the context, I don't know if it is suitable to say fan. You get the picture!

Catholic Church - Damascene Rose

Still, as I was saying, I hadn’t attended a Catholic mass before. And I found it very interactive, in the sense that the prayer went on by turns among the priest, us – the attendees, and the members of the choir. The voice of the Lady with the choir was angelic. It surely touched the strings of my soul, nourishing it inside out.

It gave me a sense of having landed in a different dimension, where miracles are possible, where cherishing one another flows, naturally. And most importantly, where Love is possibly embraced by the Queen of Heavens – Mother Mary.

As the priest said during the sermon:

“Queen of Heavens,
Guide us through,
And through these mysteries enable us to see through the mysteries of our lives.”


Photo Credit: Antonia Felipe for Unsplash and Damascene Rose

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