Varied Colorful Thoughts - Damascene Rose

Colorful Varied Thoughts

#You see, I have lost my sunglasses. It seems I cannot find them anywhere.

Maybe, I ought to have an overall look from a different perspective…

What if the reboot wasn’t enough?

What if it’s in front of my eyes and I cannot see it?

And what if I haven’t seen the uncovered yet? It is to be revealed in no sooner than later than Divine timing. Of course, it is a bit frustrating. And stepping into a wrong path might be even more frustrating.

Patience is virtue indeed


# I’ve read it on my Facebook wall: “Al Maktoub – Our fate cannot be taken from us, it is a gift" (Dr.W.M.) You see, that’s why patience is a virtue. One ought to wait and have patience. Because each one of us has got their own “ my time.” It’s personal! It cannot and won’t meet the perception of others, but the personal natural flow and go of their life path.

#And sometimes you want to step in and be the protagonist of your story. Stop being a sheer spectator of your own life. But take action! Join the happening field.

Yet, the hindrances happen for a reason. Irrespective of the actions you undertake, you cannot make one single step forward. Hence enjoy the now and the liberty it gives.  This isn’t coincidence. Nothing happens out of coincidence. There’s more to it.

#You see, the rose had sewn a lot of seeds along the past 9-year cycle.  Her radar sensed a bunch of varied energies. So it was kind of very difficult to feel 100% accurately what was about to manifest.

So she let Go, and let God!
She let herself afloat in the rivers of unwavering faith…

#If she doesn’t see you as a guy, from the very beginning, then she won’t, afterward.

#You see, 1+1 = two. And two is a nothing but a fair dosage of love, passion, friendship and respect. Of partnership through thick and thin. What happened to “You ride, I ride? You dive, I dive?”

How do you know he’s your man? Or even the father to be of your child? It’s chemistry! Pure chemistry! An abundant explosion of sensations invading your frequency. Trembling shivers make their way up and down the body. It’s more than just a manly presence. It gives you a sense of protection, of that je ne sais quoi you have never ever felt before for anybody.

His vibration renders loud and clear: “I am the strong shell you have been looking for.” He hasn’t lay a finger on you, and yet, you just feel it.

And this produces an inner substance unprecedentedly produced by any other man. When this happens, you understand why it has never worked before… and why you have met him. And then God intervenes and separates you, for a while. You may be tested. Or maybe, despite of it all, it was close. So damn close and still, there is more to it.

“Then why do think it was him?”

“Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.  Time will tell. I am still in my shell. When was I actually allowed into making a decision? All of my life-turning decisions have been made by the Almighty…”

“You’ve been called a phony for hoping to be. Feel. For wanting to be cared  for and after.  For not wanting to be personal property and private belonging … a "trophy" as it’s called in the 3rd Millennium. Commonsensical  wishes. Nothing out of the ordinary. “
“Maybe …”

Put to waiting, you evolve.

The energies around you revolve.

Only what’s meant to be shall evolve …

And among all the seeds of the past, one could manifest and last. Or something, or/and someone sent straight from the Heaven could make  their  way  through…

It’s all about keeping the faith!

Varied Colorful Thoughts - Damascene Rose

#When stuck, the moments of frustration are inevitable. Focus is vital in such moments. Directing it smartly, to generate productivity instead of unpredictability isn’t easy. Nothing worth having ever comes easy. And what

comes easy won’t last. After all, it might be worth waiting for.

So many testing, and testing, and again testing. The rose with it! I won’t have any of it. The carrots with it!

Always, but always, there comes a day when one steps out of the labyrinth.

Finally embraces the light at the end of the tunnel.

The legend has it that upon his arrival in Crete, Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos fell in Love with Theseus, the King of Athens and, advised by Daedalus the creator of the labyrinth, gave him a clew and a lock of her hair so he could find his way out of the Labyrinth, by following the line of the thread. Theseus enters the labyrinth, heeding to the instructions offered by Ariadne. Faces the challenge of fighting the minotaur – a half-man, half bull-moster that lived inside of it and kills the minotaur and makes it out of the labyrinth.

“In the center of the labyrinth, the children of God will open their eyes. For most souls live in this world in a state of slumber. They must awaken in this life, in these bodies where everything they are on earth exists. Their bodies are their own sacred temple spaces, and yet they do not see this. They believe that the kingdom awaits them only in the afterlife, and so they miss the most important teaching: that we are to live on earth as it is in heaven, and create heaven where it does not exist on earth. The kingdom of God is for us, here and now, on earth and in our earthly bodies of flesh if we will only claim it. This is done through love and love alone. (…)Use the prayer as a rose and marvel at the beauty of its six petals, for it contains all you need to find the kingdom of heaven on earth. The central circle is love perfected.
  The children of the world must open their eyes to see God all around them. Then they can live as love expressed. It is in doing this that they fulfill their destinies, and likewise their promises to and from eternity. They must awaken. And they must awaken now.
  Love Conquers All.
  For those with ears to hear, let them hear it.


Maybe the labyrinth of life has been given to us as a means to connect to the Source by heeding to our inner world.

Who knows where the “lock” of chance or even of love might pop out from the big topper hat of the Universe?

 All in all, Christmas is knocking on the door.
 So is Magic
 And so it is. As if fallen straight out of Heaven …
 [1]  The Book of Love - Kathleen Mcgowan (Chapter 11)

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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