Boredom. Boring, Boring Boredom!

Boring Boredom

Boredom. Boring, boring boredom!

It's boring! Boredom had a monologue started in one of the pages of the Book of Life.

According to Merriam

“bore· dom | \ ˈbȯr-dəm

Definition of boredom

: the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest

(e.g.) the boredom of a long car trip”

"Let’s add to that, shall we?

The boredom of being unforgotten by you!
The boredom of a longtime unhuman manner of wooing!
Nevertheless, the boredom of the time that cannot be and won’t be brought back!
The boredom of feeling a shadow following you, everywhere.
The boredom of not being able to … just be."



Art teaches simplicity!

Simplicity is beautiful!

Authenticity is Life


Boring Boredom

"Wooing is a natural flow which ought to stem from the

core, from the source  granted it is not a business bond.

So I’ll go on with the boredom of receiving the same

messages, e-mails and other kinds of  attention!

Oh, I am dying to receive all sorts of attention.

Yes, I am ignoring it! All of it. Already hit the delete button.

Bullshit is Your surname,

A faded approach and lame.

If it couldn’t be,

So be it!"


BUT, she went on:

“It’s boring, Lord of InCoherence. Very.

Received the news at 17:26

Can’t handle the truth of this ultimate boredom!

Same approach. Same bullshit. A story without progress... A story whose colors have faded!

Let’s accept it: it wasn’t fated!

The ultimate boredom that is!

The ultimate boring boredom... the boring - boring -

boring kind of boredom.

The exams session is by far over. Guess what?

The path born in boredom does not lead to happiness –

said the poet.

Why don’t you go ask your very clever and hands-on

advisers to unstuck you?

Unstuck yourself, go unstuck yourself!

How about you quench with this exquisite boring

approach of yours a whole lot of hungry and thirsty

pxxxies out there?

Boredom killed the flow, man.
No flow, no go!
No go!”

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