11:11 Eleven – Eleven – The Last Most Vibrationally Manifesting Day of This Decade

Eleven - Eleven - Damascene Rose

11:11 – the Eleven: Eleven: Last @Eleven Most Vibrational Manifesting Day of This Decade

Eleven:Eleven – number of the day! The Eleventh of November (11) at 11:11

Today is called the “gate of manifestation”.  It marks the most powerful manifestation day through the portal 11:11. And the last day under the vibration of the angel number 11:11 of this decade. Hence, the most important day of the year in terms of manifestation!

And with a bit of luck, Christmas might come earlier this year. So I hope you’ve written down your plans and utmost wishes. Now is the best time for it.

Express them accurately.  The better expressed, the better received and manifested by the Universe.

                                  Believe and Manifest!

Also, today is the perfect day for us to meditate, to focus on our dreams and our inner selves. Listen to the ear of our soul. That’s our source for purposeful, meaningful and intentful manifestation. Our soul holds the key to the mysteries of our life. Upon listening, the key receives the activation code. Consequently, it enables our system to understand the signals. The responsive behavior of our cells sends positive information to our center of command. Hence, the visualization of our deepest wishes come to fruition. Calling it a big time manifestation!

Since we are at it, a car with the plate 777 has just crossed the street.  The main feature of number 777 is synchronicity. And, I must admit my cells feel more aligned that ever.

Gosh! The waves of energy we are to receive will have the stuck get unstucked.

November is the month of truth. Of revealing the unknown, and seeing the unseen. It’s the Scorpio New Moon energy, baby! That’s what astrologists say … And, a new Full Moon is around the corner.

As the portal is in its full energy, one shall see what is to stay and what is to go. Lingering around in no longer an option. In or out... with Love

Eleven - Eleven - Damascene Rose
Manifestation breathes manifestation

And of course, as our Oriental belief has it, unwavering faith unlocks it all.

The corks jump off the bottles and have a break through.  The foam of the detox magic drink is ready to be sipped. Parsley, baby spinach, and some spirulina. Add up some lemon and water.

Here you go! No Popeye can stop the sailor moon.

I heard the miracles around Christmas are manifesting earlier this year and soon.

I believe in magic.
I do.
Do you? 

And I believe, I believe, I believe in the miraculous manifestation power of the rose. The Damascene Rose is nothing but love and inner strength. Rain or shine, the rose shines its colors. And her petals too. So as for the latter, on different times of the day and routes, different pairs of shoes have come across petals... They were present, only where I made steps or stopped on the sidewalk.

That very moment, a van passed, making it the headline of the day: Always On Time For You, read the letters on it.

Sway! I'll have more of that… synchronicity 😉


Moreover, I have lit 11 candles aligned like 11 soldiers to send my prayers, out there. Today on Remembrance Day.  

We shall always remember and celebrate peace, love and Light.

My dearest source, my Damascene Rose ...

Eleven - Eleven - Damascene Rose
Eleven - Eleven - Damascene Rose
Eleven - Eleven - Damascene Rose
Photo Credit: David Monje for Unsplash & Damascene Rose

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